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The Arkham Knight
Full Name Jeremiah Cradel Arkham
Current Age 18
Zodiac Sign Saggitarius
Gender male
Species Human
Location Gotham City (Gothamverse)
Align Good
Current Status In Hiding with Ivy Pepper
Class Owner of North Refrigeration, Anti-Hero Vigilante
Main Weapon(s) Sword of Sins, Dual Handguns, Smoke Pellets
Nationality United States
Ethnicity White
Sexuality Straight
Children of Arkham (leader), Old Arkham (base), North Regrigeration (company)
Family and Relations
Amadeus Arkham (Grandfather), Quincy Sharp (Stepfather)
The Spirit of Arkham
Series Gotham (Season 4): Spirit of Arkham

Jeremiah "Jeremy" Arkham, but better known to the people of Gotham as the Arkham Knight, is a cunning antihero running his own vigilante group to protect the people of Gotham from the scum of Gotham's underbelly.


Early Life

Daddy, what's wrong? Didn't you have any crazy people at work?
A young Jeremiah, after seeing his depressed father for what would be the last time

When Jeremy was 9, Hugo Strange pulled some strings that cheated his father Mr. Arkham out of their family's legacy: Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane; this drove his father into a depression which caused him to commit suicide. Jeremy was scarred by this for a long time, so to distract himself from his pain, he invested himself in self-defense arts: karate, jujitsu, kung-fu - he even learned boxing from local coach Ted Grant; eventually, his mother remarried to a man named Quincy Sharp, an invested member of Gotham's high society who day-by-day would abuse Jeremy until the day the latter snapped and killed Sharp, at which point he ran away from home, and eventually Gotham.

When he returned to Gotham, he learned his mother had died from grief; he returned to the Arkham family mansion, finding it in a state of ruin, overgrown and a popular spot for homeless kids. Eventually wandering around, he found an inscribed journal by his grandfather Amadeus and learned that he was on track of the Arkham family fortune, thought to have been lost when Strange obtained the Asylum and its facilities; following the makeshift map Amadeus' journals gave him, it led him to the basement of the Arkham Mansion ("No one would ever think to look at the start of the treasure map, would they?") where he found the hidden Arkham family tomb, and the hidden fortune of the Arkhams. Deciding to use his newfould wealth to rip the corruption out of Gotham like a strong weed in a yard, Jeremiah set about his quest to restore Gotham to its former glory.

Spirit of Arkham: From the Ashes of Arkham

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: ???

Spirit of Arkham: A New Gotham


Though on the outside, Arkham keeps up his facade of being a legitmate businessman, on the inside he remains driven by justice to do right by the people of Gotham City, though he remains outside the law in his own crusade as the Arkham Knight; he's a capable leader and rabble rouser, shown when he rallied others to his cause to form the Children of Arkham.

He's also been shown to be a savvy businessman (though his company, North Refrigeration, is part of a facade, so he has cover for his crusade) when he runs his business, as he has proven capable of bold and successful directions for his company; Arkham has also shown heightened awareness, as he knew about the Court of Owls before Bruce Wayne did.

He has been showing signs of fearlessness and courage, as he leads the Children of Arkham against the Court, and rallies the Children when they get shaken or lose faith.

He has a strong sense of morality, as he created the Children of Arkham to do what the Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary could not: cleanse Gotham of the criminal filth; though he is dedicated to his cause, he is not without attachment, as he thinks of the Children as the family he never had and would give his life for them.

Abilities & Equipment



  • Spirit of Gotham - Made up of gear owned by the eight founding families of Gotham, the Spirit of Gotham is an armor that makes the Arkham Knight both medieval and fearsome. Most of these artifacts are related to and have the symbol of each founding family.
    1. Helm of Arkham - A masked helmet; helps conceal the identity of the Knight and heighten awareness.
    2. Talons of Crowne - Twin gauntlets with concealed blades in each; adds to combat damage.
    3. ??? of Pinkney -
    4. ??? of Dumas -
    5. ??? of Wayne -
    6. ??? of Cobblepot -
    7. ??? of Elliot -
    8. Sabatons of Kane - Twin boots with hidden pistons concealed in each; adds for greater jump height and faster combat movement.


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