Ariana Meital
Ariana' basic appearance
Full Name Ariana Meital
Date of Birth April 1
Species Human
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Twelve (siblings)
Main Weapon(s) Telekinesis
First Appearance HACKED
I've got an iron will!
Ariana Meital

Ariana Meital is a supporting protagonist in the HACKED series.

Ariana is also one of the Twelve: a group of AI's living inside of a computer program, that can jump through programs at will. She is the fourth Twelfth, as she reveals her birthday to be April 1, and has both the normal telekinetic and hacking prowess (though she has a hard time controlling them, often messing things up in the process), but also the command over metal, with which she is very adept.

Physical Appearance


Ariana is a very stubborn girl, with an "act first, think later" mentality. Though she puts forward a cold and aggressive personality, Ariana has a deep-seeded fear of pain, after being abused by her adoptive father. She often resorts to violence before anything else when faced with an issue, though as she comes to know Jake and the other members of the Twelve, she slowly begins to think rationally, prompting her to think that she has "gone soft".


HACKED series


Ariana appears as a minor, non-playable character in HACKED. Though she does help Jake and his allies in several fights, as does her fellow Twelve member Spike Tyler.

Before joining Jake and the other members of the Twelve, Ariana is found by HAX and tricked into obeying his orders. As such, she serves as a mini-boss the Firewall dungeon.


Game artwork

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