Argentum by WereWaffle
Art by WereWaffle.
Full Name Argentum
Gender Male
Location Chromium City
Current Status alive (bit traumatised)

Argentum is a robot who made the unlucky mistake of following Aurum in his quest to defeat Heliora. He currently lives in Chromium City, but we don't know where.


Argentum was born to Perditus and Pavor. At school, he was reasonably OK, getting good grades in robotics and engineering. He became a fan of Aurum after seeing the leader reopen his favourite oil shop, Fillbots. After that, he became, in a word, obsessed with him.

Argentum was flicking a magnetic yo-yo around his bedroom when he heard that Aurum had run off in search of Heliora. Immediately he sprung off, telling his mother (Perditus) he was heading away on a week-long trip to the National Bolting Contest, but he was actually heading to Sunview Meadow, where he had heard Aurum had sped away to.

Argentum caught up with his idol in Gnarlwood Forest, and together they fought battle after battle. Even when Aurum got knocked out in Earthdrop Canyon, he didn't let his devotion slide and fought enemies off by himself. During his journey, he became close friends with Pugno, who was "the nicest Brute-Bot I've seen in a long time", letting his obsession over Aurum diminish. Once Aurum killed Flumen, that was it for him.

During Aurum's skirmish with Heliora, Argentum stayed in the back with Pugno and watched in abject terror. Once he saw Aurum being defeated, he began to cry a little before Heliora whisked the two of them back to Chromium City. Once he got home, he apologised to his mother about what he'd done. This got him a one-week grounding, which probably didn't help matters.


Argentum doesn't really have any powers aside from being able to charge up his fists with electricity and send sonar beams. He does have the brains to dismantle robots, though, which didn't really come in handy during his adventure with Aurum.