Current flag of Arendonia
Capital City Bilam (Dutch: Bijlum)
Largest City Magnister (English: Magnistar)
Language(s) English, Dutch
Leader(s) Arend Slotboom
National Anthem
Government Constitutional monarchy
Population ca. 50.000.000
Currency Arendonian Alfi (α)
Drives on the Right
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY (AD)
Abbreviation AR
Included Environment(s)
Plains (primarily)
Highlands (northern)
Tropical (verymost southern point)
Forest (eastern)

Location of Arendonia on the map of Osiris.

Arendonia, officially known as the Principality of Arendonia, is a princedom island on the planet of Osiris. It is nicknamed "The Central Country", because it is surrounded by many of the countries on Osiris, such as the Remon Royal Coast, a territory of Pabels, and Dohvakia.

It doesn't have an official language, but its populatios speaks in English and Dutch. The English speaking population is commonly known to live in the northern part of the country while the Dutch speaking population lives on the southern half. The halves are literally known as North Arendonia and South Arendonia. Its capital, Bilam, is founded in the exact middle of the country and contains both English and Dutch populations.

As it's placed in the center, and surrounded by the sea, Arendonia has a maritime climate.

The primary environment is plains without hills. However, North Arendonia is known for its hills and mountains, while South Arendonia only has a few cliffs. The verymost southern point of Arendonia is almost tropical, and is known to be the location of the largest city of Arendonia, as well as one of the most well known port cities, Magnister (known in English as Magnistar).

The largest mountain is known as Mount Eagle (known in Dutch as Adelaarsberg) and is typically located in the northern part. It is known for its large population of Bald Eagles, as well as a cluster of villages located on the ridge of the mountain. As the villages form a circle around Mount Eagle, the cluster is commonly known as the Eagle's Ring.


Michael Arendon's Discovery

The War Between North and South

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