Arcueen by Brochi (tbc)
Category Blizzard Pokémon
Generation VII
Pokémon Color Pink
First Appearance Pokemon Frostbite and Sunburn Versions
Type(s) Ice/Psychic
Ability/ies Forewarn, Oblivious
Average Height 5'10'
Average Weight 91.8 lbs.
Evolves From Jynx

Arcueen (Toukime 凍結形) is an Ice/Psychic Pokemon who evolves from Jynx when traded holding a Arcuizer, it's an all female species and the final stage of Smoochum.


Arcueen has a human shaped body looking very similar to a young woman, it moves elegantly and it has a long dress, its shoulders are large and spiked with a pattern very similar to the pattern on Jynx's chest, its eyes are large and blue with large black pupils, its hair is long and golden with frozen ends. Unlike its pre-evoloved forms its lips are small.

Pokedex Entries

Pokemon Frostbite

Arcueen dance in the middle of frozen lakes, if the ice cracks it leaps away unharmed.

Pokemon Sunburn

They say the crown on its head controls the icy weather, if the crown is lost a blizzard will rave until its found again.


Its full origin is unknown but its possible they're based on Dice, the Goddess of winter in Greek mythology, the Yama-uba, a Japanese mythological creature that lives in the mountains or Ganguro/Yamanba fashion styles. It may also be based on the Yuki-Onna, another Japanese creature that is associated with snow, ice and mountains.

Name Origin

The name "Arcueen" comes from the words "Arctic" and "Queen" it may also be a corruption of "Our Queen"

The name "Toukime (凍結形)" comes from the words 凍結 Tōketsu (Japanese for Frozen) and 姫 Hime (Japanese for Princess).


  • The name Arcueen was thought up by Kirbymariomega (tbc).
  • This Pokémon's silhouette (along with the three starters and the two main legendary Pokémon) was shown at the end of the X and Y anime.