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The Zaxinian Lifts form what is arguably considered to be the most popular content created by Athena Hawkins (tbc). This is a universe parallel to the New Fantendoverse; while taking place at around the same time in its modern era, it is mostly its own thing and doesn't share many ties to the Fantendoverse itself. Interactions are normally only through crossovers, with few exceptions.

The architectural design of the Zaxinian Lifts' buildings has rarely changed over the years ever since the "Cthulhu Civilization" and its leader Zyvoline took over the Zaxinian Lifts. That civilization constructed many high-rise buildings with cross-bracing in their skeletal designs and strong foundations below them, with the buildings generally having resistance to earthquakes of a magnitude of eight or lower. That civilization applied their work to the land of Zaxina, but experimented with it: they would architect buildings that would be connected via an arc over two foundations and would make towers of strange materials such as bones and cemented wet sand. The stranger side of their work survived into the age of the Zaxinian Lifts, with many of the mainland buildings' designs alone crossing into and through each other and forming a single large building that serves as the Fandraxonian temple. Many buildings are designed to be shaped like arches, half-circles, and generally bendy, as opposed to the square and rugged nature of America's standard buildings. Many of the modern designs were worked on and fixated by Skiene.

Many of the Zaxinian Lifts' buildings feature several spires atop their ceilings, colorful stained glass windows, polished marble or wooden surfaces, murals and hieroglyphs written in the walls, and labyrinths of rooms that are easy to get lost in. Solar panel / satellite antenna fusions are commonly lodged onto building designs too, obtaining wireless signals and solar power simultaneously. Greek-style columns and pediments often form part of these buildings' designs as well, respectively holding these buildings together and standing tall above doorways. Should a building have columns holding up its structure, it is far from uncommon to see statues of religious deities stuck between them. Many of the arts carved into the Zaxinian Lifts' buildings depict events that occurred in the Zaxinian Lifts, like the Great War between Zyvoline and Silver Zin and the crushing of the virus plague that was rampant not too long ago. Many of the buildings in the Lifts have structural differences from each other depending on what planet is being discussed, but most of it is very similar and samey (therefore making it the signature design of the Lifts' architecture).

Structural differences between the Lifts' major planets

All the planets in the Zaxinian Lifts have varying takes on the standard "Zaxinian architecture", though many of the differences are rather minimalist at best. Some of the different design choices fit in with these planets better or it's just a preference the people of that planet have.

  • Zonar: Zonar has few differences from the aforementioned typical architectural design of the Zaxinian Lifts, but it does have some changes. Zonar relies less on weird design shapes for its buildings, and they're more shaped like the sorts of workplaces that can be found in America's "New York City", though the Greek influences remain. Gilded domes are popularly used to cap off building designs, too. The houses and buildings of Zonar are generally Victorian in nature with some slight Greek influences. It should be noted that buildings in Zonar generally have open ceilings or glass-covered ones, giving a lot of its residents some rays of sunshine!
  • Hisplit: Buildings in Hisplit are generally more run-down than those featured normally. They look much like ancient Roman ruins, though these buildings are generally functional and work well. Buildings in Hisplit are the strangest, twisting and bending in many ways and having very meaty, stretchy material hidden within the walls that keeps these buildings from falling over and crashing. Many buildings in Hisplit have lots of drainage systems due to the constant ongoing threat of floods harming the world over and over again. The ceilings are generally low and the walls are thick, making many buildings on the planet eerily quiet due to great sound absorption.
  • Woodinn: Buildings are strictly made from wood on Woodinn, as the name may or may not imply. Many of its dwellings are found in enclosed spaces like caves and even underwater, with almost no buildings out in the free sunshine. If a building isn't supported by the geography or environment, big wooden stilts are used to hold these tent-like buildings up. While villages in caves may look small due to a lack of houses, there are entire mansions that are being navigated secretly through underground! However, many architectural ruins are left outside the caves, which are typically used as warzone defense zones or picnicking spots.
  • Bitetach: Most of Bitetach's residential homes and workspaces are found on traveling ships! Most ships feature between 40 to 80 individual buildings, effectively making those ships into enormous cities and battleships that can easily win out or survive many fights. Many of the ships are designed with one question in mind: how many businesses will be on this ship? When that question is solved, that many rooms in the ship are made, complete with the Greek columns and pediments as well as the spires and glass domes that are commonly featured on Zonar. Any landmass buildings are huge and open and hollow, serving as city repair stations.


  • The Greek influences emerge from Athena Hawkins (tbc)' love for Greek mythology... if you think about it, there's a goddess named Athena in Greek mythology... hmm...

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