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Full Name Archibald
Gender Male
Species Fishing Lakitu
Location Astral City
Aye, yah wee lassie. It's too risky tah head in there withit a plan.
Archie, Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

Archibald, who prefers the shortening Archie, is caretaker of the Starchives in Astral City. Although old, he seeks thrills and new experiences in his life, and he also likes to think of himself of the father of the group. While normally calm and a good voice of reason, he can show a fiercely sharp tongue if needs be. He speaks in a strong, Scottish accent.

In the game, he is Mario's 2nd partner and joins in the prologue when Mario uncovers a secret passageway in the Starchives leading to the first Aeon Star. His ability is to make Mario invisible, allowing him to be unseen by enemies and go through certain walls. Mario cannot move in this state, however.


Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles


Under construction

Attacks and Stats

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Archie's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Spook 0 Spooks an enemy to cause damage. Press the A right before he jumps. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 2
Level 2: 4
Level 3: 6
Shroud 1 Hides Mario and himself for a turn, dodging enemy attacks. This attack cannot be used consecutively. Press the sequence of random buttons in order. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Initial
Fright Night 3 Scares enemies away from the battlefield. Hold the Control Stick Left and release when the gauge reaches full. Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A. Super Rank
Big Haunt 5 Petrifies all enemies on the field, causing them to not be able to move. Press the A when the cursor hits the center of the bar. Level 3: 30 N/A Ultra Rank
Book Bash 5 Hits a single enemy many times with a book, causing many hits of small damage which rack up. If pulled off correctly, the enemy is sent backwards to hit the enemy behind if there is one, causing more damage. Fill up the gauge by repeatedly pressing and B in quick succession. Level 3: 30 2-2-2-2-2 Badge move - "Book Bash" badge required.


Archie has 2 personal badges which give her an extra move and ability. These may be won from the Trial House when you complete it with him. They cost 0BP to equip.

Badge Effect
Book Bash For 5FP, hits a single enemy many times with a book, causing many hits of small damage which rack up. If pulled off correctly, the enemy is sent backwards to hit the enemy behind if there is one, causing more damage.
Shadow Play After using Shroud, instead of losing a turn to recharge, Archie can move again to use items or tactics, but cannot attack on that turn.

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