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Full Name Archie
Gender Male
Species Fishing Boo
Location Astral City
Whieest doon ye wee rascals! Yer' aw gonnae be th' Game Ower ay me, an' aam awreddy a ghost!
Archie, Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles

The head librarian of the Starchives, the Astral Kingdom's vast library. He can go off for hours talking about useless, but interesting trivia. It seems his love of books has gotten to the point where he's sat reading than talking to his wife, Matilda. He loves peace and quiet but isn't afraid to give a good scolding to those that are causing trouble. His ability is to make Mario become invisible.

In the game, he is Mario's second companion.


Paper Mario: The Rewind Chronicles


Archie meets Mario when Goombeverly tours Mario, Luigi and Peach into the Starchives. When a mysterious group called the Shades barge in and wreck the place, looking to destroy one of the Rewind Chronicles, Archie is the first on the scene. When it's time to battle, he joins Mario to give the Shades a piece of his mind. Afterwards, he stays with Mario in order to collect all of the Rewind Chronicles, since he has always wanted to read them. Besides, his beloved Matilda says he should get out more, and it's time to get out and adventure to see things not depicted in books.

Attacks and Stats

Attack Flower Points Needed Effect To Attack Archie's Hit Points Attack Power Move Ranks
Book Bash 0 Hits the enemy once with a book. Tilt the control stick left and then release. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: 1/2 (1+1)
Level 2: 2/4 (2+2)
Level 3: 3/6 (3+3)
Vanish 1 Gives Mario and himself the invisible status. Press the buttons in the correct order. Level 1: 10
Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
N/A Initial
Discipline 3 Gives the enemies the Confused status. Press A when the cursor lights up. Level 2: 20
Level 3: 30
Level 1: N/A
Level 2: 2-1-1-etc.
Level 3: 3-2-1-etc.
Super Rank
Quiet Now! 3 Gives enemies the Silent status. Hold the control stick to the left to charge and then release. Level 3: 30 N/A Ultra Rank
Full Library 5 Large books fall from the sky and drop on all the enemies on field. Press A repeatedly to get the meter in the right area, Level 3: 30 6 Badge move - "Full Library" badge required.


Archie has 2 personal badges which give him an extra move and ability. These may be won from the Trial House when you complete it with Archie himself. They cost 0BP to equip.

Badge Effect
Full Library Allows Archie to use Full Library as a move during battle.
Shadow Play The Vanish ability in battle also hides Mario's other partner.

Combo Attacks

Partner Combo Effect
Goombeverly2PMTRC Doppelbonk

Archie makes ghostly copies of Goombeverly. Goombeverly and the clones strike all enemies twice with a Kickbonk.

Katrina2PMTRC Ghost Shell Archie makes Katrina invisible. Katrina fires off a Shell Dance which hits all grounded enemies as usual, but this time the attack pierces defense.
Tutankaboom2PMTRC Peek-a-Boom Archie hides Tutankaboom as the two move in between enemies. Upon reappearing Tutankaboom explodes between the two enemies, damaging the ones he is adjacent to.
Bandart2PMTRC Poltergold Archie makes ghostly copies of Bandart who hustles all the enemies on the ground. The amount of coins gained after the battle increases per each enemy hustled.
NormanPMTRC Double Spook Archie and Norman scare all enemies on the field, giving them the Petrified and Dizzy status conditions at the same time.
Lan2PMTRC Misty Ritual Archie and Lan summon mystic fog on Mario's side of the field which heals the whole party by 1HP every turn for 10 turns.
SgtSniegs2PMTRC Snow Ambush Sniegs and Archie both vanish. When an enemy attempts to attack Mario that turn, they sustain damage from an ambush and have a chance of being frozen.
Buck2PMTRC Sucker Punch Archie marks an enemy. When that enemy's turn to attack arrives, Buck and Archie ambush that enemy, deal damage to them and cancelling that enemy's attack.
VionaPMTRC Ghostly Wind Viona and Archie create a gale that knocks every enemy into the one behind. The enemy at the back is removed from the field.
Coggs2PMTRC Smoke Blast Coggs fires a fireball at the center of the battlefield and Archie covers it, making smoke. When an enemy goes over to attack, they sustain 2 damage as they come into contact with the smoke. 
Arh T2.PMTRC Haunted Paint Arh T. paints a ghostly version of the enemy at the front to use as a temporary ally that stays with the party and attacks before disappearing after 2 turns.


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