Full Name Archer
Current Age 7 ( was born in the 20th century)
Date of Birth 5/25/2004
Gender male
Zasguar Inc
Main Weapon(s) Arrows Boomerang break-dance attack
Ability/ies Throw 10 boomerangs simutaniously

Uses dancing moves some times

Can use shield,boomerang, arrows


First Appearance Arch-lenium
Latest Appearance Unknown
I am like the hero Link! But cuter , awesomer, and a wanna-be. :(
Archer reply to Tires , Arch-lenium


Archer is a 7- year old Archeops who loves Legend of Zelda and goes on quests to prove he can be just as good a hero as Link is, He is also the main character of the Archery series. He has a friend named Tires. He saves lots of princesses. This means he is always called a ladies man. He also is angered by many for his michievious behavior.


Toddler YearsEdit

Archer was somewhat very intelligent. He was good at flight and loved playing video games, especially Legend of Zelda. One day he met Tires, a Tirtouga who loved the series as well. They became friends and acted up a lot. They once had illusions of Ganondorf which were really their loved ones.

One day, Archer was given a boomerang and Tires got one as well. His parents didn't trust him so they taught both of them. At 5, They were experienced and got Bow & Arrows. They were perfect at it.