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Archaeologist's Age is a new video game by 1337doom (tbc). It is a strategy-RPG revolving around two different sets of character's unique adventures, one in the present and one in the past.



Playable Characters


  • Knight Ranser
  • Rocky Endengloom
    • Rocky is a rather cliche'd dwarf, being about half the height of the humans and wields a green hammer. He does have a beard, though not to the extent of most dwarves, in the color of brown. He does wear armor, and a helmet, but the helmet is barely on his head, kind of half-off.
  • Mxenors
    • Mxenors has green skin with purple runes on it, each channeling his psionic abilities, and he is dressed in a suit. He is slightly taller than the normal humans, and has long arms and fingers. His eyes seem to be looking around everything he sees, thinking about what is going on.
  • Hailae Evakno
    • Hailae dresses in black, with a purple image of an icon-like spear on her shirt. She wields the deadly Osteonomicon, and has a sort of evil grin a lot of the time.
  • Lady Elliot


  • Professor Shackled
  • Judge Flen
  • Planet
  • Tim Masky
    • Tim is a slightly short human, suggesting he may be younger than the rest of the party. He has rather unkempt brown hair and an orange jacket. Fights with his fists.
  • Brook Alice


Other Characters


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