Arcadium Logo GIF

Arcadium First Logo (2009), curious one, just like Atari Logo!

Arcadium Videogame Company is an Fanon publisher founded in 2009 by Olavo Piñeiro. The "NEW ERA" started in 2010, when projects will be out of paper. It started with a totally inedit new logo, a classic joystick. The president Olavo, in an interview for Arcadium TV at the publisher base, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) said: - We started with the wrong leg, the publisher don't produce any game last year. Now, we will start the project 'Games for the family', games for all ages and types. The first games tha will be released are related to sports and have no names confirmed yet.

The new logo, appeared first in 2010.

Games Published


Games in development

Game Name Places that will be published Logo
T.C. (The Championship) Libertadores 09 South America and Europe T.C. Libertadores 09 Logo GIF
N Babyes: School Activities All World N/A

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