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Arcadian Nation of Orisis'

Arcadia in relation to its continent (in red).
Capital City Groot Huis (pop. 657,387)
Largest City New Kalmte (pop. 9,948,461)
Language(s) Osirisian, Marinian, Lumoshese
Leader(s) President Brock Jericho
National Anthem
Call of the Northern Saints
Government Elective Democracy
Population ~35,000,000
Currency Page (頁)
Demonym Arcadian
Drives on the Right
Measuring System Metric
Date Format DD/MM/YYYY (AD)
Abbreviation AC
Included Environment(s)
Taiga, mountainous
Arcadia, officially known as the "Arcadian Nation of Orisis", was a large island nation consisting of 24 main states, and a single overseas territory of Wennemac, which majorly featured its own government. The main nation itself consisted of a main island as well as several smaller islands nearby, and is considered by many to be it's own continent, whilst the overseas territory connects to a main continent and borders many other nations.



Location of the overseas colony Wennemac





Post-Wennemac Annexation



Due to the overall small size of the country, the government is essentially restricted to a group of 13 representatives, each voted in my one of the 13 main cities, and a higher up Council President which is chosen via familial relations, which leads over the 13. Whilst the President holds total power, the council may also make small deciscions. However, it is commonly believed that because of the President's absolute power, the council is near meaningless, leaving very little actual decision making to the people.

Because of it's origins, the country is quite unruly, and there are very little laws governing the country. Many laws that have become commonplace is most of the organized world are not present; infact, theft, arson, and murder are essentially the only crimes that are punished with any actual jailtime or the like, with severity increasing as the list goes on, and  even those that are majorly looked down apon are not harshly punished, atleast in comparison to other countries; while the average punishment for a crime may be 5 to more years in other locations, criminal rarely get more than a year of jailtime, although the punishment in Pages are actually quite heavy if only to accomadate the ever growing military.

Crime Inforcement

State Divisions

Alexandria and Queensdale relations


International Relations

In complete contrast to it's mother country, Termania, it is a very violent and militatian state which is very detirminant on wars. Most of it's national funding goes towards the war cause, and it's military is one of the largest in Isis despite the small size and population. It is estimatied that about 65% of the population has once been or currently is in the military, in any of the various forms.

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