Greater Location Brockverse
Current Capital Yuxu City, Temple of Dreams
First Appearance DreamQuest
Current Ruler The Dreameister
Current Inhabitant(s)
Fluffians, Dream Knights
Included Environment(s)
The Six Districts; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Purple
Arcadia, also known as the dream realm, is an important fictional location in many of NepetaLast (tbc)'s games. The realm houses the Temple of Dreams and is a creation of Dream Manifestation, being entirely composed of locations dreamed into being by the creatures of the universe. The realm is notorious for being saved multiple times by Pinti, the Dream Knight, from the creatures of Nitemare who wish to control the Dream Magic that flows within.


Arcadia has existed as long as the other 3 realms of existance have, being birthed in the same breath. The realm was, at first, a barren land with no landmarks or interesting features; however, as the lifeforms of the universe began to dream, the realm bursted with life. Dream Creatures were created and landforms were erupted from the dreams of those living in the galaxy, and dreaming became a popular pasttime. Soon, the Dream Temple grew, supplying the neccesary dream energy for the realm to grow even more vast and diverse.

However, tragedy fell upon the land when the Nitemare Core crashed into the Dream Temple, corrupting the essense of dream and turning the world into a terrifying land of fear and distaster. The dreams of the sentient lifeforms throughout the galaxy began to reflect the changes occuring in the world. One being most affected, a small girl named Teresa from Earth, dreamed into existance the first Dream Knight: Pinti. His task was to remove the source of terror from the Dream Temple and rid the realm of the Nitemare's pressance. 

Pinti thusly traveled through 6 districts of the realm and reached the Dream Temple, using the assembled Sword of Sleep to banish the Nitemare Core into an extra-dimensional Dream World, all during the events of DreamQuest. For the time, Arcadia had been saved from it's dangers and was free to continue growing. As Teresa grew up and had less wild dreams, Pinti began to fade, having lost his use. However, during a massage Sleep Festival in the Dream Temple, the Nitemare Core was awakened and re-corrupted the stream, causing the realm to once again plunge into darkness; additionally, all of the creatures who attended the festival were corrupted, creating a massive force of Nitemare soldiers.

The Six DistrictsEdit

This includes the districts from Dream Quest, '91, '94, 3D, 

InkBlobMask Red

  • Cloud Nine (all)
  • Yuxu City ('91 and later)
  • Yuxu Sewers ('91 and later)

InkBlobMask Blue

  • Magnificent Factory (all)
  • Imagination Station (all)
  • Draumur Observatory ('94 and later)

InkBlobMask Yellow

  • Arena Traum (all)
  • canyon ('91 and later)
  • caves ('94 and later)

InkBlobMask Green

  • Daydream Fields (all)
  • Swamp Paradise
  • Thorn Patch

InkBlobMask Orange

  • Rock Candy Mountain
  • cove
  • tropical

InkBlobMask Purple

  • Circus Amazica
  • The Cosmos
  • Nightmare Den


These are the districts from the Nightmares series.