In Arc, there are 100 dungeons, each has a name, theme, and a special feature.

Dungeon Name Theme Feature Description
Tutorial Village Town Tutorial. Tutorial. Only town dungeon. Only dungeon that doesn't need a session ticket.
Demon Canyon Fire Canyon continually crumbles behind player. It's a red canyon with lava in the trench.
Adamantite Pipe Water Water forces player forward. It's a burnt orange pipe made of metal.
Frosted Factory Ice Steam jets warm some ice into water. It's a bright blue factory with a black background.
Darkened Caverns Dark Very small, but very low. (Has 30 Basement levels.) It's the smallest map in the game.
Light Bunker Light Has no ground levels. It's a very-light grey bunker.
Burning River Fire-Water Players must turn the lava into water to progress with the raft. It's in a desert canyon, with orange lava and tropical blue water.
Frosted Liner Water-Ice The dungeon slowly floats downwards. It's a white, red, and black ocean liner with ice blue water.
Black Glacier Ice-Dark The dungeon gets bigger the more time spent inside. It's ice blue.
Spotlight Fortress Dark-Light The player has to avoid spotlights, but use them to see ahead. It's a green-grey brick fortress.
Thunder Forest Electric-Plant The player has to avoid electricity in the forest. It's a forest with purple trees and white wood.
Volcanic Temple Fire-Dark The lava slowly rises behind the player. It's an asphalt volcano.

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