Arc (stylized as 4R<) is a Beat-'em-up/Dungeon Crawler RPG released for the Nintendo 64 (Nintendo 64DD in Japan.), PlayStation, Sega DreamCast and Vectorman on June 27, 2000. It followed the escapades of the Raider tribes, who constantly journey through dungeons to obtain Arcs.


The game is played in multiple 'sessions,' in which the chosen raider tribe goes through a randomly picked dungeon, with randomly picked enemies and a randomly picked boss. There are 100 dungeons, 600 enemies and bosses, and 10 different raider tribes. In the DreamCast, Vectorman, & PlayStation versions, each session costs $5, but in the N64 version, they don't due to limitations.





Raider Tribes

Arc/Raider Tribes

Seasonal Sessions (PSX, DC, and Vectorman only)

Arc/Seasonal Sessions


Name Obtained by Feature
Arc of The Flames Fire Dungeons Grants resistance to fire-based attacks.
Arc of The Waves Water Dungeons Grants resistance to water-based attacks.
Arc of The Frost Ice Dungeons Grants resistance to ice-based attacks.
Arc of The Completionist Bonus Rooms Grants resistance to normal-based attacks.
Arc of The Evil Dark Dungeons Grants resistance to darkness-based attacks.
Arc of The Law-Abiding Light Dungeons Grants resistance to light-based attacks.
Arc of Strength Killing Orcs +60 strength.
Arc of Agility Killing Thieves +60 agility.
Arc of Luck Killing High Rollers +60 luck.
Arc of Raiders Killing Raiders +60 all stats.
Cursed Arc Killing High Rollers -60 all stats.
Arc of Steel Helpers Killing Robotrots Adds a Robotrot helper.
Arc of Thieving Helpers Killing Thieves Adds a Thief helper.
Arc of Gambling Helpers Killing High Rollers Adds a High Roller helper.
Arc of Mystery Secret Bonus Room Causes an alien easter egg to occur.
Arc of Plantlife Plant Dungeons Grants resistance to plant and earth-based attacks.
Arc of Defense Random enemies +30 defense.
Arc of Offense Random enemies +30 offense.
Arc? Dungeons Does nothing.
Radiated Arc Waiting 9 days with Arc? Semi-Strongest arc in the game. Resistance to everything, and +99 all stats.
Ultimate Arc Waiting 9 days without using Radiated Arc. Strongest arc in game. Invulnerability to everything, and +365 all stats.
True Arc Get 100% on the game. Allows the player to access a dungeon, boss, or bonus room of their choice to do.

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