Arancionombra the Hedgehog
(also known as Trouble the Porcupine in Japan or Nombra for a nickname among the USA, Europe, and Australia) is an anthropomorphic orange hedgehog that has incredibly quick and strong attacking skills and has more than 10 spines on the back of his spines. The ability of having all those spines allows Nombra to be invariable to spikes while in ball form. Nombra has a certain amount of clothing like sunglasses and a black, leather coat. Nombra is a tragic-making hedgehog, although at some points he can be gullible. Nombra is cold hearted and seeks to destroy a person's dream, hope, or fun in any way. Even though his gullible can make him feel like a fool, nothing can stop in his way. Nombra debuted in Sonic Chaos Chronicles Episode 1: The Falcon's Flight.

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