Aran Leverletto
Brilliant Bounty Hunter
How to Unlock Default
Icon TBA
Lethal Attacks Beat Down, Robot Army, Energy Gun
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Aran Leverletto is a default playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Lethal, being one of the main characters and acting as a major player in the Story Mode. He was announced as part of the starting 6.


Standard Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Saw Blade

Aran slashes the opponent with the chainsaw on his arm. It's slow and doesn't have much knockback, but does heavy damage.

Side Slash

Aran juts forward with his chainsaw out. If it doesn't land, it'll leave Aran open for attack for a period of time. If it does, it does tons of damage and knockback, being a fantastic kill move. Just be careful.

Launch Arm

Aran curls his fingers and does a rocket powered uppercut. Alone, it's not very tough but it is fast. Charge it up for a while to make it incredibly powerful and a great kill move.

Arm Smash

Aran picks up the opponent and slams the opponent into the ground. It's slow and has no knockback, but does lot of damage and paralyzes the opponent for a few seconds.

Special Attacks

Neutral Side Up Down

Stun Gun

Aran fires a laser beam forward. It does no damage, but will leave the opponent stunned for a few seconds. Charge it for a while to leave the opponent stunned for a long time. This is a great move when combined with his kill moves.

Scout Robot

Aran lets out a small robot that will scout the stage and bring back any items and Lethal Energy on stage, unless it's destroyed mid-search.

Grappling Hook

Aran blasts out a grappling hook from his arm. It's a great recovery move, but only when aimed up towards a ledge.

Smoke Grenade

Aran throws a smoke grenade that will explode after a few seconds and leave behind a cloud of smoke that will stun anyone who goes through it and damage them.

Lethal Attacks

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Beat Down

Aran grabs the opponent, if they are nearby, and beats the tar out of them to do 100 damage to them. It has no knockback though, and relies on being close to the opponent.

Robot Army

Aran hops to higher ground and whistles, summoning a hoard of robots that stampede the stage, trampling anyone on the ground. It does massive damage and launches them, but only works on a grounded opponent.

Energy Gun

Aran charges a gigantic blast from his arm and then shoots it out across the stage. It does 300 damage and has lots of knockback to anyone hit by it.



Aran has lots of power and is a heavy character who isn't easy to launch. At the cost of this, he's pretty slow and depends on close-range to do serious damage.


  • Aran leaps in and smirks, challenging the opponent.
  • Aran is pushed on-screen and he wakes up, visibly annoyed.
  • A knife lands right next to the opponent's head, and the camera scrolls to show Aran who is laughing.


  • Stun Gun: Aran fires a somewhat charged stun blast at the opponent to leave them stunned for a while.


  • Aran sits on the ground and drinks a bottle of beer.
  • Aran grapples away with his grapple hook.
  • Aran pets Firball who pants.


  • Aran falls down, stunned, and rubs his head.
  • Aran's arm malfunctions and punches him in the face, knocking him out.
  • Aran sits down and repairs his arm, annoyed.


  • Aran throws a beer can away.
  • Aran polishes his Leverletto knife.
  • Aran flips the opponent off with one of his laser fingers.


  • Wicked Aran
  • Classic Aran
  • Corrupted Aran
  • Demons Aran
  • Samus Aran



"A brilliant child who was left orphaned and alone became a roughened bounty hunter who doesn't follow the law and rarely shows any mercy. He got his arm and cybornetic enhancements after a particularly bad fight he lost. The only time he shows a kinder side is toward his wife Melissa and their pet Firball. Here, he's a heavy fighter who uses a wide arsenal of weapons."

Wicked Aran

"Aran as a witch? I'm confused too. This alternate costume seems to be a detailed Halloween costume that a drunken Aran would wear, or it could be a really weird alternate universe. He doesn't necessarily look unappealing in it. Being a witch seems to suit Aran."

Classic Aran

"An Aran from a different continuity. He's still kind of an asshole, but has his moments and is a vigilante rather than a ruthless bounty hunter. He has a similar backstory, but there were a few differences to it that ended up making this particular Aran more of a hero. They both have cool robot arms and love Melissa, though. Some things never change."

Energy Gun

"Aran's Level 3 Lethal Attack. The laser cannon mounted on his arm begins to charge to immense levels before letting out a gigantic laser blast that takes up close to half of the screen. Getting caught in this does 300 damage and has ridiculous knockback, so even someone with 0 percent is in real danger. Try and not get on it's bad side."