Borderlands V

This planet is the setting of the second DLC, Claptrap's Trek To Mount Schuler. Soon after you arrive Claptrap teels you many years ago he gave some very crazy tasks for the second set of Vault Hunters to do, but little did they know he was speaking the truth and he needs your help to defeat the destroyer of worlds (amoung other things...)


Thenrock Town
Thenrock Tavern
The Boulder Mine Shaft
The Trek of Mount Schuler
Mount Schuler Point
The Portal To The Destroyer of Worlds
The Lair of The Destroyer of Worlds - This area is a void in space, but if you stay close to Claptrap, he will show you where and where not to step.


I owe him money
Claptrap owes the Destroyer of Worlds money, go find him and kill him. (Bonus if you take his wallet.)
Collect 139,377 brown rocks
Defeat Thak, Lord of Skags
Pilfer lost staff of Mount Schuler
Defeat Destroyer of Worlds
Take The Destroyer Of World's wallet
Dance, dance, baby

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