AquaMan.EXE, also known SpoutMan.EXE, was a Water-type NetNavi who was operated by Shuko Kido. He appeared in some MegaMan Battle Network games. His classic counterpar is Aqua Man from Mega Man 8.

Appearances and Personality

AquaMan.EXE was a shy and nervous, cute, childlike character who is very emotional and cries easily. His crying causes the water to flow violently from a spout on his head and floods the cyberspace. He ran out of water when he cries too much. He has a habit of saying "drip" (or "pyu" in Japanese languages) at the end of his sentences.

AquaMan.EXE is often viewed as very a coward or very timid and was the scaredy-cat of the group. However, he is brave on several occasions saving the NetNavis and his own life. Despite being a cautious character, he sometimes helped MegaMan to save the network. The water he spouts out when he cried was sometimes used to fill certain substances such as filling bathtubs or giant cups and was exploited by other characters.

AquaMan.EXE was allergic to Fire-type attacks as he gets: His head turns red and a spout of his head blows a full blast of hot water, a reference to boiled water. He also has acrophobia (fear of heights) and was prone to glitches and vomiting. He also don't like calling him names (such as calling him a "crybaby" by DiveMan due to his crying a lot of times and "red balloon" by the one of the unnamed NetNavi when he gets a fire allergy).


AquaMan.EXE's moves are Aqua Bomb, Aqua Spout, Aqua Stream, and Drip Shower.

In Games

Alongside the MegaMan Battle Network games, AquaMan.EXE also appeared in the few Super Smash Bros. games, mainly as a trophy or a boss character.

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