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AquaAtia is a company started by AquaYoshi. It first started in 1992 by making an upgrade to Nintendo's SNES or Super Nintendo Entertainment System.The updated system was now called SAES or the Super Aqua Entertainment System. Then the Nintendo 64 came out it has been rumoured that AquaAtia was behind the making of Super Smash Bros 64. In 1997 they worked on the Upgrade of Nintendo 64 called Nintendo 64 AA. The brother of the system called the Nintendo 64 DD didn't really workout. The Nintendo Game Cube came out with 2 Launch Titles the first one was Luigi Mansion the second was Super Mario World GC.They also made Luigi Day of Vacation for the Nintendo Gamecube. When the Wii was released in 2006 Aqua Atia also had another launch title game called Super Toad World.Later they made Mario Party Minigame Collection

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