Apothecary is an upcoming Fan-Fic by Hk. The plot will revolve around thirteen different characters from the Marioverse acting independently of each other in a similar situation. It is currently unknown what the exact plot of the story would be. Additionally, each chapter explores a separate genre.


  • The first story would revolve around Mario in an adventure genre.
  • The next would detail Toad's experiences in a noir mystery.
  • The third would be about Russ T.'s journey in an intellectual study of current events.
  • The fourth would be Twink's adventures in a comedy.
  • The fifth would be about Bowser in a military tragedy.
  • The sixth would revolve around Peach in a government-style.
  • The seventh would detail Bow's pampered lifestyle.
  • The Eight would complete the story started in Part Two, following Tayce T. instead.
  • The penultimate installment would consider Goombario's journey.
  • The finale would be about Luigi.

The Real Deal


The party was perfect. Everyone was enjoying themselves, the punch was great, nothing could have been better. In the corner, the host was laughing and indicating a vase. "Yes, Ming Dynasty. Very expensive." He was chatting it up with an old friend of his. They had been great buddies in college, and not much seemed to have changed. He took a quick sip of his punch. It was very expensive punch. It tasted wonderful.

"Er... who is that man over there..? By the clock that once belonged to Toadiam the Conqueror.." The toad asked. He shot a sharp glance at the man in the question, clearly indicating who he was speaking about.

The host, who had personally filled out all the invitations personally in a personal manner, was, quite personally, perplexed. This was a quagmire of epic proportions. Someone who was not on the guest list had made it into his lavish gala. He was not stand for this, so he walked across the room to where the toad was sitting, and sat alongside him. "Sir, I want to make it intensely clear that this is meant to be a very exclusive party, and I don't believe you were on the guest list. I hope you enjoyed your time here, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Quietly. Now."

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