The Apookalings are the 7 (or 8 including Bella Jr) children of Bella Koopa who consist of, Lavender the oldest, Laura the second oldest but the smallest, Rachel the third oldest and the second biggest, Izzy the tallest and crazy-ist but the fourth oldest, Walice the fifth oldest and the only boy of the group, Mirselle Jr is the sithy oldest but the biggest and is the only Apookaling with a different skin colour, Lesley the youngest and shyest of the Apookalings.


Lavender Koopa 3D Art

Lavender 3D

Lavender is the oldest and smartest, she likes classical music and composes her own music. She has a large purple bee-hive like hair style and purple pumps, she has one large pointed tooth and h

Lavender Concept Art

as a purple spiked shell with yellow rings surrounding each spike.

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