Apollo (KI)
Full Name Apollo Atepomarus
Gender Male
Species Deity
Location Skyworld
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Staff, axe, bow and arrow
Ability/ies Ability to see the future, healer, bring light to the darkness.
First Appearance Kid Icarus: The Seven Trials
You seem curious to know what is going to happen next.
Hey, can't you see the future? So, can't you tell me what is going to happen?
Why tell you and ruin the surprise?
Apollo and Pit

Apollo (also known as Apollo Atepomarus and nicknamed Polly by Palutena) is a deity and brother of Palutena, Apollo is known for being able to see the future, as well known for his ability to paint, write and make songs easily. Apollo is also known for his archery and medicine skills, as well being able to use an axe. Apollo is a calm person who never gets worried about anything, due his abilities to see the future. Usually snarky, Apollo always cares about his friends and relatives.

His debut appearance is in Kid Icarus: The Seven Trials, Apollo is the one that guides Pit during his first trial. He is playable after his appearance in said chapter and also playable in Together Mode. In those modes, Apollo utilizes a Bow and Arrow as a ranged weapon alongside an axe for close ranged combat, he also brings a staff to cure his allies. After completing his chapter on hard, he gives Pit the materials to create the Vampire Kiss gun, a ranged weapon absorbs half of the opponent's HP and heals Pit with it.


It's has been a long time since we last met, sister Palutena.
You haven't changed a bit, Polly.
Please stop calling me that.
Apollo and Palutena.


<span style="color:Apollo and Pit.">So, how is this seeing the future thing works like?
It's is pretty simple actually. But before that, watch out for that tree.
What tr- *hits a tree*
That one.</span>

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