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Apocalypse Prototype
Developer(s) EA ( Electronic Arts ), Criterion, Havok, Nintendo ( partial )
Publisher(s) DyBowser 57 ( DryBowser57 )
Platform(s) PS3, PSVITA, maybe Wii U ( 1,5% chance )
Genre(s) Racing, Action
Release Date(s)
One player - Multiplayer - Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)

This game is made by DyBowser57 from Keyhole Gaming. Do not edit, copy ideas from this game. You can edit ONLY spell errors. Thanks and enjoy !


The story of this race-action game is about the planet apocalypse and alien-monster invasion. There is a story mode in construction in this game. Soon! 


This game has the same gameplay as Burnout Paradise. You can make takedowns. I'll explain it soon.

PS3 :

X : Drift

Square : Use weapon 

O : Nitroturboost*

Triangle : Change camera

R2 : Accelerate

R1 : Recharge weapon

L2 : Brake

L1 : Horn

Up : Change weapon 

L Pad : Turn

R Pad : Move camera

Start : Pause

Wii U

Coming soon!


NOTE : Colours can be applicated by using a chromatic circle. Use R2 or L2 to chose a certain colour like red, and then make it darker or plainer. 

Off Road

Car Name Stats Subtypes Colors

Speed : 3

Acceleration : 4

Handling : 5

Turbo : 4

  • Basic Condor
  • Desert Condor
  • Tuned Condor
  • Construction Condor
  • Condor RS

Hot Rods

Car Name Stats Subtypes Colors

Rust Rocket

Speed : 6

Acceleration : 7

Handling : 3

Turbo : 2

  • Basic RR
  • Flame RR
  • Sword RR
  • Test RR
  • Band RR


Car Name Stats Subtypes Colors
Double Comma

Speed : 7

Acceleration : 3

Handling : 6

Turbo : 4

  • Basic DC
  • Race DC
  • Band DC
  • Evil DC
  • Dry DC


Car Name Stats Subtypes Colors

Speed : 5

Acceleration : 5

Handling : 5

Turbo : 5

  • Basic Cruiser
  • Police Cruiser
  • Taxi Cruiser
  • FD Cruiser
  • FBI Cruiser
  • Basic : Every
  • Police : Blue -Black
  • Taxi : Yellow
  • FD : Red
  • Black


Car Name Stats Subtypes Colours
Bone Tork

Speed : 7

Acceleration : 6

Hanling : 2

Turbo : 3

  • Basic Bone Tork 
  • Freestyle Bone Tork
  • Simple Tuned Bone Tork
  • Race Bone Tork
  • Skull Bone Tork

Special Cars

DLC Cars

Lots of cars coming soon !



OR1 3QtrView-39

A basic grey Condor.

MM6 3QtrView-59

A yellow-green Simple tuned Bone Tork.

C2 3QtrView-53

A Flame brown Rust Rocket.

SC2 3QtrView-31 02

A Race grey/blue Double Comma.

CV1 3QtrView-49

A Black Police Cruiser.

This on construction don't worry. I will bring cool surprises!

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