Full Name Apis
Current Age 23
Date of Birth 4693 AD
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Ceruta
Project Drone
Abel Peters
First Appearance Diamond Order
Latest Appearance Diamond Order

Apis is a playable character in Diamond Order, and an ex-member of the Confederate Planets of Terra Astrum's Project Drone.


Apis was born as Abel Peters in 4694 AD, on the planet Ceruta. In 4705 AD, the Confederate Planets were beginning their search for recruits for Project Drone, which required children born with photosensitive epilepsy. Abel fit the requirements, and was taken away from his family to the headquarters of Project Drone in an undisclosed location.

For the next ten years, Abel underwent various procedures including genetic and cybernetic manipulation and enhancement, hypnosis and psychological conditioning, along with all of the other children selected for Project Drone, in an attempt to create a method of communication via flashing lights, which relied on their photosensitive epilepsy but would not trigger a seizure (as well as general physical training and a number of other abilities which would be useful to a group of super-soldiers). During the process, each member of Project Drone had a "Princess" assigned to them; a female of roughly the same age, who was trained to monitor and assist with the regulation of the Drones mental and physical health during their training. Abel's Princess was Tiare, who also gave him his new name: Apis.

In 4715 AD, Project Drone was attacked by marauding aliens. During the attack, Tiare and a large number of the other Drones and Princesses were killed. The surviving Drones fought back and eventually drove the aliens back, but those in command of the Project had all been killed, so they each went their separate ways.

Diamond Order

A year later, the events of Diamond Order occur.

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