Aparoid Shadow
Full Name Aparoid Shadow
Gender Female
Species Aparoid (Cell Donor)
Align Evil
Current Status Deactivated
Protocol Void Cannon (by Shadow)
Anna (human form)

Aparoid Shadow is the genetic-engineering Aparoid created by Shadow by using the survived cells of the Aparoid and fusing with Oliver's Nightmare in order to create a ultimate creation. It was seemingly destroyed by Samuel Nakaoka the Second's Beast Mode Awakened, but it survived and fused with the ghosts of the Zodiarchs except with Gallus into Zodiaparoid; the true ultimate creation as part of Shadow's ultimate plan to used the Master Seal and Mornstar to create Master Mornstar; the legendary weapon to bring time-space to destroys the worlds.


Power Rangers x Ni no Kuni: Creation and Impact Version

Shadow somehow found the survived cells from the Aparoid's remains after the Aparoid Queen's destruction, Shadow have a greatest plan to kill Samuel Nakaoka the Second by invents his newly creation in order to lure Samuel Nakaoka the Second to obtain the Master Seal.

She disguised herself as Anna in Chapter 6 and tell Samuel Nakaoka the Second about and obtains the Master Seal and need to able to defeat the three guardians of Neverlands (Silence Mountain, The Dead Woods and Wyvern's Land) to restore it's former state.

His ultimate plan worked by using Samuel Nakaoka the Second's berserk state under the one of the Beast of the Distortion's control to tries to kill Oliver before Shadar saved him. "Anna" reveals herself in her true form, an Aparoid; the enhanced version of the regular Aparoids that they were destroyed by Star Fox and immunes to it's major weakness and thanking him for obtains the Master Seal. She also reveals that the Master Seal was not a "Sword of Hope", but the seal of the Beast of the Distortion and Samuel Nakaoka the Second terribly learned that he broke the seal of the monstrous being. She left with Shadow the Knight, causing Oliver became distrust Samuel Nakaoka the Second for breaking the seal.