Nephew of Mario and Luigi
Full Name Antonio
Current Age around his 20s
Date of Birth unknown
Gender Male
Species human
Location Mushroom Kingdom
Family and Relations
Mario and Luigi
Ability/ies Ice ball
First Appearance Super Mario 64 3DS

Antonio is the nephew of Mario and Luigi. He's the son of the bros. cousin. He tries to make money by plumbing, though he's a horrible plumber. After discovering that his uncles are actually heroes in the Mushroom Kingdom, he joins in the action.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Although Antonio and the Mario Bros. are nephew and uncle, they don't look similar to each other. Antonio has the same clothes, except the shirt and cap are blue, and the overall is red. He is taller than his uncles and a little skinnier than Mario.

About this characterEdit

Antonio is not like the Mario Bros. He's to hyperactive, yet funny, and lacks throwing fireballs. He has a crush on Peach, though she sometimes doesn't know it.

His first appearance was in Super Mario 64 3DS, where he accidently follows the Mario Bros. to Peach's castle and lands face down on the ground. He soon meets Lakitu, thinking he's a dead turtle. His power is to freeze enemies who touch him or when he throws and ice ball.

He soon appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 4, as a space pirate, along with Wario, to find and collect the power stars that have mysteriously vanished.

More to come soon..