A snapshot of a zoomed in beta texture of an AntiJim, seen on YouTube.

AntiJims are dark, evil Jims with an instinct of war and hatred. Known to live mostly in the Earth's crust and comes out in the forest at night, most of them found themselves uprooted on land while taking a nap during the day. They are now made mad enough to fight each other, which the player often finds when they see some. Their looks are similar to Jim, almost the same size, Black, with glowing red eyes, and greenish teeth.

In behavior, they fact usually obnoxious and teases, even for their dark looks. They hiss at everything they can't reach, as shown in one of the first cinemas. Although they seem dangerous, they are actually weak compared to the highly athletic hero Jim. Just a simple few headbonks and they are defeated.

For more information on this section, see Jim (species).

AntiJims have adapted around. In later levels, the AntiWallCrawler Jim will show up walking on ceilings and walls throwing rocks. Some times the Bat Jim will fly by and swoop to attack. There are much more.

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