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Due to the humorous nature of this article, it is being kept for entertainment purposes. Therefore, please do not delete it or flag it for deletion.
200px-Mario NSMBW-2

Anti-Mario is the evil form of Mario. I suppose it could be called Negative Mario but I just like the name Anti more. He is much stronger than Mario but Mario always finds a way to beat him. Mario was once killed by him but he was revived by Peach and her special secret power. NOTE: This page is a fanon page and has not appeared in a real Nintendo Mario Game. He is usually seen in Mini-Games of a Mario Series and he changes your cards at the last minute. He usually makes mistakes when trying to destroy Anti-Bowser to take his power and Anti-Bowser would gain the upper hand. You can use this in a Fanon Game if you want to no need to ask.

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