Full Name Anti-Marine
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Raccoon
Family and Relations
Almost Killer
Main Weapon(s) Her immense physical strength
First Appearance Fandemonium

Anti-Marine is an antagonist in Fandemonium. She is originally believe to be an alternate reality version of the Sonic character Marine the Raccoon, but she is later revealed to be a robot.
Anti-Marine appears first in Fandemonium #22, pretending to be the original Marine and living on an alternate univere island with her unseen son. She takes on a more villainous role in the following episode, in which she nearly kills Steel and hires Clyde to badly wound Flame.
She later appears as part of the Almost Killer Conspiracy, keeping Super Hound and the real Marine captive at the Almost Killer's base.
Her last appearance in Fandemonium occurs in episode 36, when she is killed by Hiro.


  • Though Anti-Marine claims that her son is the Almost Killer, it is unknown if she this is true or if she is insane.