Ant Tractor is the first boss in Skip and Sqak. It is a robotic praying mantis driven by an Ant Mantis, It serves as the boss in Great Pond inside the Ant Hive. It is guarding the cage Mr. Mole is in.


The Tractor will try to step on you. Go to the left away from it until it lowers it's head down, and then jump on it. It will jump to the right end of the arena, and shoot saw blades on the ground you have to jump over. The Tractor will walk to your direction trying to step on you again, repeat the same thing until it lowers it's head.

The Tractor will go mad after 2 hits, and tries to jump on you. When it lands on the ground, shockwaves spread across the floor you have to jump over. Dodge it's jumping until it's head is lowered. Taking 3 hits on the head, the Tractor explodes sending the Mantis pilot flying in the sky.

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