Ant Emporer Dante
Emperor Dante
Dante, the cruel emperor of the Ant colony
Full Name Emperor Dante
Current Age 50,678,456
Gender Male
Species Red Ant
Current Status Deceased (falls in the lava)
Class Main Antagonist
Ant Emperor
First Appearance Skip and Sqak (1993)
Latest Appearance Skip and Sqak (1993)

Emporer Dante was the ruler of the Ants and the Main Antagonist of Skip and Sqak, where he hatches a plan to conqure the planet for his own kind. but it later turns out that he doesn't want to do it for his people, he wanted to do this just so he can get more and more coins.

Skip and Sqak

Dante first appeared in the first Crystal eye Skip obtained showing his plan to conqure the whole universe. His plan goes great, but it goes awry when Skip and Sqak destroyed the first ant hive, causing Dante to send more security to the other islands, and he and his army know the duo as "Rebels". Each island begins with a cutscene with Dante, his servant Veger, and new ants that are going to be on that level. Dr. Tron, one of Dante's secret henchman, has difficulties defating Skip and Sqak, so later on, Dante grants permission to tron to use his Hornet 3-64 to destroy the duo at the Moon Base, if Tron fails, Dante will cancel the mascot deal he held with him. So after Tron fails, Dante continues to conqure the universe. Seeing how difficult it is to conqure the world with the "rebels" in the way, Dante had no choice but to vaperize the earth with his Island-Tizar, and conquer other planets. Up on the Tizar, Dante attacks Skip and Sqak who ran from a lava flood in a giant robot of himself, throughout the fight, Dante's robot blows from feet to head each round. In the end, the mecha's head explodes, and leaves Emporer Dante falling to his feiry death in the lava, killing him.

However, despite getting destroyed, his ghost continues trying to destroy the world. If the player gets all gold emeralds, all medals can unlock a gate to the Bonus Dimension. When the duo get to the ghost of Emporer Dante, they engage a fight and ends with the ghost getting destroyed.