Another Super Mario Bros. DX
Another Super Mario Bros. DX
The logo.
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
September 24th 2016
1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series New Super Mario Bros. Series
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U
Successor Another Super Mario Luigi DX
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Digital Download

Another Super Mario Bros. DX is a game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016. It is the 6th game in the New Super Mario Bros series and the third to be released on a handheld. The game contains 12 worlds (9 normal worlds and 4 special worlds, as well as DLC worlds), and is compatible with 4 3DS's (or 5 New 3DS's). The game also has downloadable content.


The story takes place a while after New Super Mario Bros. DX. Mario and Luigi recieve an urgent letter from the leader of the Yoshi clan on Yoshi's Island. Wasting no time, Mario and Luigi (along with Yellow and Blue Toad, as usual) fly over to Yoshi's island in their Hero Cars. According to the leader, the island has been attacked by creatures resembling Bowser's minions (they aren't actually Bowser's minions, but they look just like them), so they want Mario and the gang to find out what's happening. This sends Mario and the gang on an adventure around Yoshi's Island to find out who's the cause of these attacks, with the help of some of the clan members along the way.


The gameplay is a combination of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. DX. Since the game is the the Nintendo 3DS, the graphics have been inevitably reduced and looks more like New Super Mario Bros. 2. However, the playable characters have a few new moves from the 3D games - the Roll, the Long Jump (and the Rolling Leap, if combined with the Roll), and the Side Somersault.

As usual, the game has multiplayer and can be played with up to 4 3DS's, or 5 New 3DS's. Any player other than player 1 is able to opt out of the game anytime and go into Boost Mode, where they can create platforms. A Boost Star can spawn occasionally and be collected by any player, and temporarily increases the use of Boost Mode. In Boost Star form, the Boost Mode user can control the movement of enemies and increase or decrease the size of platforms to their liking, but the form runs out after about 20 seconds. 

The ability to save replays of level playthroughs return, and for a few months Nintendo would have contests where players would have to upload replays of them doing a certain challenge (doing the 1-Up trick with a Koopa Shell, completing a level within a certain amount of time, etc.) in order to win prizes. These prizes included exclusive levels, download codes for DLC, and even Club Nintendo rewards.


Playable Characters

Picture Description
The main character and star of the show. Mario is an all-around character with average attributes, and is the most balanced of the four. Unlike the other NSMB games, the first player is given a choice and doesn't have to play as him. He's unlocked from the start.
Mario's younger brother and second in command. Luigi is faster and can jump higher than Mario, but it takes longer for him to stop, making platforming a bit trickier. He also has his scuttle jump from New Super Luigi U. He's unlocked from the start.
Yellow Toad
Blue Toad's younger brother and ironically the strongest of the four. Yellow Toad deals can defeat bosses or strong enemies quicker, but in turn doesn't run very fast. Ideal for newcomers to the series. He's unlocked from the start.
Blue Toad Artwork
Blue Toad
Yellow Toad's older brother and the fastest of the four. Blue Toad is useful for speedruns since he runs the fastest, and when he uses the Cape Feather, he floats the slowest, but he doesn't jump very high. He's unlocked from the start.
Princess Peach
Since Bowser hasn't kidnapped Peach this time, she's decided to come to Yoshi's Island and assist Mario and co. in finding out the truth about these attacks. Peach is a little bit fas, and she can use her parasol to defend herself when she's crouching or float through the air slowly when she jumps. She's unlocked after completing World 2.
After hearing about the recent attacks on Yoshi's Island, Wario has come to the island too, hoping that the one behind these attacks might have even more money than he could ever dream for. Wario isn't able to run but has his Body Slam from the Wario Land series, and when he stomps on enemies he can pick them up and throw them. He's unlocked after collecting 5,000 Coins, technically making him an optional character.

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