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After the shock of the two deaths had settled, Starla decided to try and bond with the others a bit more. She walked around a bit and saw Yonenbooe, Taylor, and Celeste playing cards.

Starla: Hey guys! How's it going?

Taylor: Celeste is beating me by a mile but otherwise, I'm good.

Celeste: It's rare that I win a game, really. I'm doing surprisingly well.

Starla: That's good to know. How's it going with you, Yonen?

Yonenbooe: Oh, I'm not really interested in the game really. I just like meeting people.

Starla: Same.

???: In all really shouldn't get too attatched.

Leah. Starla thought. Maybe Jake was right. I shouldn't trust her.

Leah: I'm not one to think of this as a game, unlike some people, *glances at Jake's empty flower pot* but you and I have both learned that if you get too attached to people, it will hurt even more when you lose them. That's why I know better.

Taylor: She has a point, you know.

Celeste:....I don't want to think about that right now. Let's just play the game.

Leah: I'm afraid you don't have time.

Yonenbooe: What do you mean?

Leah: It's almost 5:00 P.M. 

Taylor: Well, we're fucked. 

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