Leah rushed to tell the others of Lee's death. The inhabitants of the mansion island had gone down from fifteen to twelve in a matter of hours. But now it was time for sleep. They would investigate tomorrow.

The Next Morning, Starla and a group of other people met up at the hospital to search for clues. The drawer of syringes had been left open. Whoever killed him had little time to close it shut.

Kontrast: Isn't it obvious? I think it's obvious.

Celeste: Yeah, Min is the only one without an alibi. It's quite obviously her.

Lixo: Meh, the bitch deserves it.

Coal: Normally I would object to you spewing out insensitive comments but....yeah I agree.

Tommy: So we're in agreement, then?

Starla: Um...

Lixo: Oh, have none of you noticed the fucking note?

Starla: Yeah, that.

Leah: I suppose it might give us some insight. I think I should read it.

Leah reads the note, with a look of worry on her face. She shows the others the note, even though she knows they won't understand.

I told you I couldn't live like this.

                                                - L

Leah: Oh no... he told me that he...

Starla: So does that mean he...

Leah: Yes.

Kontrast: How do we know this isn't faked?

Coal: Min went off in the opposite direction to the one that leads to the hospital. And there would be no way she could have snuck by, with all ten of us there.

Starla: Alrighty then, but it's kinda sad really....

Leah: God damn it Lee! Why were you so stubborn!?!?

Later that day, Starla put up three flower pots in the lobby in memory of Anna, Jake, and Lee. Starla put bright red roses in Anna and Lee's flower pots.

Jake's pot, however, was empty. 

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