In the hospital, Leah is trying to treat Lee, but comes to a startling revelation.

Leah: Ah, fuck....

Lee: What is it?

Leah: I...I don't think I can repair the damage. It's like...

Lee: But it was just a tiny bullet. I will heal.

Leah: That's what I would say, but....the damage is critical, somehow. The knee is fractured in a bunch of weird fucking ways....

Lee: Oh, it''s..ok...

Leah: Well maybe I can-

Lee: No. It's not ok actually. 

Leah: Wha?

Lee: I can' like this. I can't. Needing help to even walk up the stairs, needing someone to rely on....that's not who I want to be! I'm a fighter! I don't want your support!

Leah: I'm sorry, ok! I can't help you! Whatever jackass did this to you is probably being executed right now-


Leah: Um...I'll be back, I swear! I need to find out who fucking did this.

Lee: Yeah....ok then....

Leah rushes to the lobby, where she sees the frightening sight of Jake's corpse. He wasn't shot in the leg, like Lee, no. He was shot somewhere in the chest.

The exact same spot he shot an innocent little rainbow girl against his will, so many years ago.

Leah: Was this the culprit?

Coal: Yes, he tried to kill you, but-

Lixo: His aim is terrible!

Leah: Yeah, yeah, just needed to see what was going on. I'm gonna go back to see how Lee's doing. Where's Anna?

Starla: ....We'll tell you later.

Leah rushes back to the hospital, to find a disturbing sight. 

Lee was lying down on the hospital bed, with syringes sticking out of his chest and stomach. 

The third person to die on the new mansion island.

Leah: Fuck, no! Who did this?

Leah, in the shock of it all, didn't notice a small piece of paper sitting under Lee's injured leg.

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