Zerita drags Jake, the murderer, into the room, stomping angrily.

Lectro 2.0: Ah, Jake Shemblock. You were the guilty party here?

I knew better then to trust him. Starla thought. He and Coal. They seem to know more about what's going on then anyone else. 

Jake: *glaring at Lectro 2.0* I was trying to keep you all safe.

Bowie: From what, psychopath?

Jake: Leah Needlenam. 

Starla: But then....why-

Coal: He must have accidentally shot Lee in the knee when he was aiming to kill Needlenam.

Min: Wow, your aim must suck. 

Starla: Yeah, not only that, but when you shot him, the gunfire....

Coal: Anna was extremely frightened and in the shock she lit herself on fire.

Min: THAT'S how she died? Haha!

Starla: Min, stop!

Min: Well y'know what, fuck you and your stupid feelings! I'm leaving!

Min walks out of the room, kicking Terra along the way.

Terra: Why is it always me!?!

Tommy: That looks like it hurt, dude.

Lixo: Hah, you suck.

Starla: I'm assuming you just....found the gun somewhere?

Jake: I had to do some digging around, but yes.

Taylor: You don't just FIND a GUN!

Jake: In some cases, you do. Now shut your stupid mouth. 

Starla: did Zerita find out?

Zerita: Jake told the first person he found after his plan failed. That so happened to be me.

Jake: Yes, if there's one thing I have learned, is to not delay the inevitable when you know you have lost the game.

Kontrast: Ah, come on! Every single time something like this happens EVER, to ANYONE, there's always someone who thinks it's just a game! Well newsflash, it's NOT A GAME!

Jake: Well, like I said, let's not drag this out. Robot scum, whenever you're ready. 

Lectro 2.0 pulled out a dusty rifle and, with a smirk, aimed it at Jake.

Jake: Ah, that's the gun I used. I see how it is.

Most of the people in that room looked away, but Starla glared Jake right in the face up until the moments of his death.

And Jake glared back.