Starla: I-is he....dead?

Leah: No. Not yet anyway.

Coal: There is a clear bullet wound. This must be from the source of the gunshot you told me about.

Leah: That seems reasonable. But whodunit?

Coal: Well, he most likely won't get executed, since he's obviously not dead and still faintly breathing.

Coal then pointed to the unconscious body beneath him. The body of Lee Koroshi-Ya.

Starla: Well....someone else did die due to his actions....

Leah: What? How?

Starla: Anna and I....*tears begin to form in her eyes* we were just....talking....and then the gunshot....and fire....

Starla then starts crying as Coal comforts her. Leah shows no sign of sympathy, however, as she begins examining Lee's injuries. Coal, from the corner of his eye, could see her collecting blood samples, most likely for some freakish experiment.

Coal: It's almost time.

Starla: What?

Coal: 11:00 PM.

The same process happened this time. Except this time around, there were only 15 warps of light.

Lectro 2.0: Hello everybody! Glad all of you could survive the first night!

Starla gives the electric robot a glare like a dagger.

Lectro 2.0: Oh....yeah....almost everyone.

Leah: I'll deal with Lee at the hospital. *grins mischeviously*

Celeste: You aren't gonna perform any experiments, are you? 

Leah: Oh no, I'm joking.

Leah left carrying Lee to the hospital, and along with the late Anna, two other people were missing.

And so there were ten.

Starla: It's kinda sad really....just as I got to know Anna...

Min: I'm not surprised she was the first one to die. I doubt she could outrun me in a race!

Coal: Shut up, Minuette. Now's not the time for your petty comment.

Kontrast: Yeah! What the black guy said!

Everyone then stares at Kontrast awkwardly.

Kontrast: Aw, fuck my life.

Terra: I feel ya, man. 

Their small talk was interrupted by a catonea stomping angrily through the hall, dragging along the murderer by his silver hoodie. 

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