The 15 contestants can only stand there, perplexed by the truth that just came to their ears.

Anna Biscuit: What....the hell....

Kontrast: What do you mean we're supposed to kill each other?!?!

Lectro 2.0: I didn't say kill each other. It's a game of survival. Out in the wild there are things that can kill you. During the day you are free to stay here or go outside. But from 5:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. everyday you will be sent outside, where you can form alliances, gather resources, and escape the forces of the night. The last person alive wins the mansion and anything else they ever want.

Good think you added that last bit, Starla thinks to herself, imagine doing all this for a stupid mansion...

Lectro 2.0: So yeah, no murder. I mean you CAN, but I don't reccomend it, because if you get caught...

Lectro 2.0 then does the throat-slit motion, the universal sign of being killed.

Jake: *arms crossed* That seems reasonable.

Bowie: You're insane. 

Lectro: Alright, so at 5:00 P.M. you'll be teleported outside, so enjoy yourselves until then! 

Starla sighes. Maybe I can make friends with some of the other people here....

As Starla is lost in her thoughts, a bear walks up to her.

Yonenbooe: Hey, my name is Yonenbooe, want me to show you around? 

Starla: Um, sure!

Starla and Yonenbooe walk down a hall, where they find a cat-like creature leaning against the wall, and waves at them.

Yonenbooe: Uh hey, Zerita!

Zerita says nothing. 

Starla and Yonen then make their way to a room with a red cross marked on the entrance. 

Yonenbooe: This is the hospital. I think Leah works here.

Starla: Leah?

At that moment, a figure in a white jacket with purple hair walks out, wearing blood-stained gloves.

Leah Needlenam: Oh hehe, don't worry! This isn't human blood....

Starla looks at Leah with a suspicious look, but Leah pulls out the body of a rodent she's been testing.

Starla: Oh, so you're not a murderer. That's still fucking cruel though... *turns to Yonenbooe* look, I'd love to stay and look around, but I need to to someone... 

Starla then walks over to a room where a boy in a grey hoodie, and a girl in a brown shirt are sitting at a table.

Anna Biscuit: Hi Starla! ^_^

Starla: Oh, hi, Anna! *turns to Jake* Fucking liar.

Jake: What do you mean?

Starla: You specifically said that you and the 11 supervised the 2nd Mansion's creation.

Jake: Yeah, I'm just as confused as you. Nobody told me about the terms of the competition being changed. It looks like someone in the 11 is a traitor.

Starla: That's a spooky thought...hey what time is it?

Jake: It is currently....4:58 P.M.

Starla: Fuck...