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Starla followed the strange cotton ball trail to find a strange sight. A green bear with a blue scar and a cut in his arm. A large cut.

Starla screamed in shock, to which Bowie replies nonchalantly. "Oh, I'll live."

Starla: But, remember what happened to Lee?

Bowie: Yeah, I know. I'm not stupid.

Starla: Let's figure out who did this. 

Bowie: I have no idea. I kinda....woke up like this. Terra tried helping me out though. 

As the two continue talking, Terra stumbles by. 

Terra: Hey, how are you doing Bowie?

Bowie: OK, I guess...

Terra: Well, there's something you should-

A scream interrupted Terra's statement. A scream of despair and death. A scream of loss.

Terra: Yeah. That. 

The trio raced down into the lobby, where the crime was laid out.

The body of a bear lay face down, with an X carved into his back. Strands of yellow fur were scattered around the corpse. Meanwhile a boy in a skyblue hoodie was found dead, hung by a rope and knives stabbing him all over his torso.

Celeste: No..... Taylor....

???: What did I tell you?

Bowie: What the actual fuck, Leah? Did you do this?

Leah: No, of course not! I'm just saying that Celeste was stupid enough to get attatched to that boy. And Yonen? Well, nobody cares about Yonen. 

Terra: I dunno, this seems like a thing Celeste would do.

Celeste: Wait, what?

Terra: Both Yonen and Bowie were players of the card game with you. I think that's good enough basis for some sort of connection. Plus, it would have been a very easy tactic to kill someone who appeared to be close to you and not be suspected.

Celeste: Why would you think that? Do you honestly believe I'm the killer?

Terra: With my luck, I'm probably not right but...yes. Yes I do. 

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