Another Mystery At Fantendo Mansion is the sequel series to Mystery At Fantendo Mansion. The Fantendo Mansion has been rebuilt by a mysterious updated version of Lectro with a whole new cast of 15 guests. Despite having less characters the series is expected to run for longer then the original series and has goals to flesh out the characters a lot more.

NOTICE: Hey, this series contains some mild violence and cursing, so if you're not a fan of that then don't read the series I guess.


  1. New Beginnings
  2. Survival Game
  3. Things Heat Up
  4. That Escalated Quickly
  5. Whodunit?
  6. Bang!
  7. The Note, Part 1
  8. The Note, Part 2
  9. Card Game
  10. The Log House
  11. Two In One Deal
  12. Episode 12
  13. Episode 13
  14. Episode 14
  15. Episode 15
  16. Episode 16
  17. Episode 17
  18. Episode 18
  19. Episode 19
  20. Episode 20

Main Characters

Mansion Guests

Character Description
Starla - FSB Contrive
A happy young girl who is excited to visit the newly recreated Midnight Mansion. She is the main protagonist of the series.
"Jake is the most analytical of the 15 guests, always quick to point out when something is out of the ordinary. He is also a skilled hacker. The only downside is that he cares little for human emotions so he comes across as kind of a dick."
A sarcastic and overconfident color creature. He is known to be affiliated with the now-deceased Koloro. 
A teddy bear who came to life, Frankenstein style! ....Well, maybe not. I don't know how these guys work. And don't even get me started on how they reproduce. 
A mysterious young Catonea. She is known to hide in certain places and not interact with others. 
Lee Koroshi 2014
Lee Koroshi-Ya
The most agressive out of the 15 guests, Lee is always ready to pick a fight with someone if things go awry.
LeahNeedlenam Colored
Leah Needlenam
A doctor with slight sociopathic tendencies. She is good at solving mysteries though, but is willing to kill in order to get the job done. She is the anti-hero of the series, much like Jake in the original. However, as seen in the show, she does show some care for her injured patients, despite her desire to experiment on people.  
Anna Biscuit
Anna Biscuit
A friendly young girl who is one of the fastest of the team. She is also known for her cooking skills. She likes making new friends but is unsure how to cope in the new situation.
YonenBooe by Tom
A sweet and kind bear whose always willing to share with others or give up his spot. He wants to make the world a better place and make others happy, but can get stressed out easily. 
A young boy who is friends with Celeste and is usually seen fooling around. He doesn't care to solve whatever mystery is going on and just wants to have fun in the competition. 
Celeste New
A sweet and kind girl fluent in many types of magic. She went with Taylor to the mansion thinking that things wouldn't end up like last time, but she was wrong...
Terra (AoW)
A popopo who is synonimous with bad luck. He usually gets beat up unintentionally or his plans fail, but he does get his comeback later in the series.  
Tommy and Lixo (1)
Tommy & Lixo
A dynamic duo, Tommy is sarcastic and friendly to people while Lixo usually just berates his opponents. 
Min DK
An energetic girl who enjoys competition. She doesn't think highly of those not as agile as her but has formed some friendships. 
Coal Algebraic
A quiet and friendly boy who has some weird habits, but even so he tries to get along with the others. 


Anna Biscuit was killed in Episode 3 by being burnt alive in a campfire.

Jake is executed in Episode 6 for injuring Lee and indirectly triggering the death of Anna.

Lee Koroshi-Ya is stabbed with syringes in Episode 7.

Taylor and Yonenbooe are killed during the events of Episode 10 by Terra. 

Minuette is killed by Terra in front of everyone during Episode 12. 

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