Another Dimension
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Summer 2014
Genre(s) 3D platformer
Series Another World

Another Dimension is a game made by Hammy Games Inc. for the 1st Unofficial Series Swap Day. It doesn't follow the same gameplay style as the previous game in the series, Another World, being a 3D platformer. There are, however, a collection of cutscenes.


This game is a 3D platformer, unlike its predecessor. You can find portals around the map, leading you to the Birdore Dimension, which can provide easy access to areas that are difficult to reach. If you touch an enemy, you will engage in an RPG-esque battle.


King Zane and Queen Miley have a seven year old son named Tyler. The three are walking the palace grounds, when Rooster Hedwon approaches them. He tells of an ancient artifact: The Platinum Feather. Hedwon holds out a map, pointing out the location of it. The four start their journey!


  • King Zane: The king is a very all-around character.
  • Queen Miley: The queen is quick, but not very strong.
  • Tyler: The prince can jump high, but cannot jump over wide gaps.
  • Rooster Hedwon: Hedwon is powerful, but slow.


  • Zonkordia Kingdom: The tutorial area. There aren't many enemies here, and those that you encounter are very weak.
  • Zonkordia Forest: A forest outside of Zonkordia where many old birds reside.
  • Dustrow Dunes: A desert with sandstorms. Our heroes need to find shelter sometimes.
  • Mt. Mass Droy: A huge mountain range with most of the levels taking place on the tallest mountain.
  • Snowland Serenity: A beautiful snow covered area, with a few villages.
  • Feather Temple: The temple containing the Platinum Feather, as well as an old, deceased friend.


  • Although King Birdore was killed in the previous game, he was somehow ressurected.