Check it out! We’ve identified this sea anemone gal as the clerk who works at the headgear shop. We hear that she’s pretty shy and mostly keeps to herself, which sort of makes you wonder why she’d even want a job in the service industry. Oh, and see that little fish dude hanging out in her hair? He apparently talks tough but never does anything on his own. Maybe these two actually have a lot in common?
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Annie and Moe
Annie's basic appearance, with Moe in her hair
Full Name Annie and Moe
Current Age Young adult (Annie)
Unknown (Moe)
Gender Female (Annie)
Male (Moe)
Species Sea Anemone (Annie)
Clownfish (Moe)
Location Inkopolis
First Appearance Splatoon (2015)

Annie[1] is a Sea Anemone character from Splatoon. She acts as one of the shopkeepers in the game, selling headgear to the Inklings. The fish that sits in her hair is named Moe[1].

Likes and Dislikes



  • Working as a clerk for Cooler Heads


  • Moe's rude criticism about the costumers
  • TBA



  • Living in Annie's hair
  • Making fun of the costumers


  • TBA



Others games

Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration

Annie and Moe appear as World 5's shopkeeper, selling head gear just like they did in Splatoon but instead of hats, it's powerups that go over the head like Light Boxes, Cannon Boxes, Goomba Masks, and Propeller Boxes.

Animation adapations

The Splatoon Movie

Annie and Moe appear as two of supporting characters in the 20th Century Fox's full-length animated feature. Annie's voiced by Anne Hathaway and Moe's voiced by Tom Kenny.


Names in Other Languages


Language Name Meaning
From アネモネ anemone.
SpanishNémonaFrom anémona.
FrenchAnneActual name, resembling part of anémone.
GermanAnne-MonaCombination of the names Anne and Mona, resembling Anemone.
ItalianAnemonicaFrom anemone and Monica.


Language Name Meaning
From クマノミ kumanomi (anemone fish).


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