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Animatronic (Exotoro)
The Showbiz Man
Full Name Animatronic
Current Age  ???
Date of Birth Sometime in the 80s
Gender Male
Species Animatronic
Location Fantendo Sports Resort
Current Status Alive
Class Animatronic
Main Weapon(s) Holo Bow and Arrow
Ability/ies Singing, Turning off the lights
Height 5'11
The Showbiz Man
First Appearance Fantendo Sports Resort

Animatronic is a character that first appeared in Fantendo Sports Resort as Goblin's doppelganger. He is a animatronic, as his utterly creative name shows. He was part of a pizza restaurant that never got finished and was reworked by White Goddess.




One way to sum up Animatronic is stupidly loyal. Animatronic will go with whatever plan White Goddess has in mind for him and do it without any further questions. He's rude to anyone that gets in his way and thinks that turning off the lights is a special ability he has that nobody else has.


Created back in the 80s along with the other robots, Animatronic was meant to be part of the pizza restaurant that was never built. He was reworked by White Goddess when she found the resort and became Goblin's doppelganger when his original one failed to show up. He takes his job seriously, maybe a bit too seriously.


Fantendo Sports Resort


White Goddess




  • Animatronic is obviously based off the Animatronics featured in the Five Nights at Freddy series. Of course. You have to be dumb to think otherwise.

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