Animal Punch-Out! is an Punch Out-like game,only with animals.


Main heroes

Bobby the Raccoon:Main hero

Sandy Cheeks:His Trainer

Minor Circuit

  • Spotted Scott,a male Giraffe from Belfast,Ireland.He is very optimistic,but so easy.Scott uses his crowning blow "Raging Neck",where he fastly smash Bobby with his head.He won only 4 times.In Title Defense,he has a headgear.
  • French Omelet,a female Poodle from Paris,France.She is very elegant.In Title Defense,she changed gloves from white to red and has revealed more punches.
  • Don Rhino,the Title Bout,an male Hornbill from Madrid,Spain.He uses his crowning blow "Spinning Punch".He likes Moonwing.

Medium Circuit

  • Black Widow,an Brazilian female Spider monkey.She is hard as she uses both hands and tail to fight.
  • Old Jack,an German male galapagos turtle that uses pirate fight style.In Title Defense,he has a hook and a stronger shell.
  • Cow Hugger,an Canadian female Beaver that likes milk and branches on breakfast.She is very strong.
  • Apollo Cyber,the Title Bout,an Greek bottlenose dolphin that uses cybernetic gloves to punch and an scooter to walk.In Title Defense,both gloves and scooter are golden and the gloves are electric.

Major Circuit

  • Po the Panda,an Chinese male Panda bear that is very cool and is Dragon Warrior.He uses many ancestral magic techniques.
  • Rico Snows,an American male Penguin that has been at war.His crowning blow is an fish vomiting.He's an psycho.
  • Hynga Joke,an Madagascar male Hyena that is very tricky and has many aces in the hole.
  • Moonwing,the Title Bout,an Russian female Fruit bat that likes her glasses and also likes to drink ketchup.At time fighting with her,Moonwing's glasses will be breaked and she will be in rage.She also flies with the wings.

Special Circuit

  • Pepe La Paw,an French male Skunk that is very romantic and loves French Omelet,but he stinks.He uses this in fight.
  • Black Widow's brother - uses same technique as the Black Widow.
  • Metal Claw,an Sweden female Bengal cat that is very crazy.She always uses her long claws in battle.In Title Defense,they are broken,and Metal Claw uses knuckles that elongate her claws and make her very fast.
  • Ninja Muham(smaller from Muhammed),the Title Bout,an Persian male Chameleon that uses ninja techniques and can clone himself.He's a animal counterpart of Great Tiger.
  • Mr.Roo,the Kid Dynamite,the Super Champion,an Australian male Kangaroo that is very proud.He likes to chat.He is the final boss.

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