Animal Kart Racing Wii
Developer(s) GoldCoin Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Genre(s) Racing

This is the 6th game of the Animal Kart Racing series. It has new features, now with 12-Player races, and you could choose either a kart or a bike. And also could do tricks. You can choose the controls of manual or automatic. Manual could do mini-boosts, and Automatic is for the first-time playing, with no mini-boosts!


Cheri Cupcake Cally Natasha
Ozzie Claude Aziz Liz
Vanessa Louie Spike Lulu


Aisle Kit Twirp Analogue
Hambo Rex Rudy Maddie
Stu Nosegay Sprocket Dozer

unlock criteria

Aisle Get all stars on 50cc Nitro Cups
Kit Unlock 4 Staff Ghosts on Time Trials
Twirp Create all 32 Ghosts on Time Trials
Analogue Win 1st Place on 100cc Leaf Cup
Hambo Get all stars on 100cc Retro Cups
Rex Create 16 Ghosts on Time Trials
Rudy Win 1st Place on 50cc Lightning Cup
Maddie Win 1st Place on 150cc Special Cup
Stu Win 1st Place on 50cc Star Cup
Nosegay Unlock 8 Staff Ghosts on Time Trials
Sprocket Get all stars on 150cc Nitro Cups
Dozer 50 Races in V.S. Mode


Light (Cheri, Cupcake, Cally, Natasha, Aisle, Kit, Twirp, Analogue)

Karts: Standard Light Kart
Baby Stroller
Blue Falcon
Bear Buggy (unlockable)
Mini-Monster Truck (unlockable)
Bikes: Standard Light Bike
Kids' Bike
Squirrel Bike
Broom Wizard (unlockable)
Bullet Bill Bike (unlockable)

Medium (Ozzie, Claude, Aziz, Liz, Hambo, Rex, Rudy, Maddie)

Karts: Standard Medium Kart
Wild Wing
Shroob Titan (unlockable)
Blooper Scooper (unlockable)
Bikes: Standard Medium Bike
Mach Bike
Pine Tree Bike
Cool Motorbike (unlockable)

Rabbit Bike (unlockable)

Heavy (Vanessa, Louie, Spike, Lulu, Stu, Nosegay, Sprocket, Dozer)

Karts: Standard Heavy Kart
50's Big Brute
Rambi Rhino Truck
Flame Monster (unlockable)
Barrel Train (unlockable)
Bikes: Standard Heavy Bike
Flame Runner
Robot Unicorn
Bike Made of Toilets (unlockable)
Spiky Motorcycle (unlockable)


  • Fake Item Box
  • Banana
  • Triple Bananas
  • Green Shell
  • Triple Green Shells
  • Red Shell
  • Triple Red Shells
  • Blue Shell
  • Mushroom
  • Triple Mushrooms
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Star
  • Lightning
  • Bob-omb
  • Bullet Bill
  • Blooper
  • Mega Mushroom (NEW)
  • Thunder Cloud (NEW)
  • POW Block (NEW)


There are 32 Courses in total, 16 new and 16 retro!

Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Cheri Circuit Ozzie Circuit Cally Mall New Culver City
Phonics Flats Traffic Farm Magma Volcano Fall Leaf Town
Neon Egg Plains Crystal Caves Islander Park Spike's Castle
Mushroom Beach Lulu Summit Mt. Rugged Rainbow Road

Retro Cups

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
DS Vanessa Falls GCN Cupcake Circuit N64 Broken Pier DS Cally Circuit
SNES Animal Island 1 GBA Snowman Land GCN Ancient Jungle SNES Cheri Circuit 4
N64 Cupcake Raceway DS City Folk GBA Spike Castle 3 GCN Danger Mountain
GCN Dryed Desert N64 Claude Stadium DS Beagle Plains N64 Spike's Castle

Battle Tracks

Nitro Stages Retro Stages
Color Block City SNES Battle Course 4
Blathers Fossil Room N64 Animal Town
Vanessa Stadium GBA Battle Course 2
Quicksand Desert GCN Boxing Ring
Chomp Casino DS Ozzie's School

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