Animal Kart Racing DS
Developer(s) GoldCoin Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Genre(s) Racing

This is the 5th game of the Animal Kart Racing series, and the 2nd handheld game! This game should have new features, such as new items, and Story Mode (Missions).


There are 12 playable characters! 8 normal and 4 unlockable!

  • = unlockable
Cheri (light) Cupcake (light) Cally (light) Ozzie (medium)
Vanessa (heavy) Louie (heavy) Claude (medium) Spike (heavy)
Natasha* (light) Liz* (medium) Aziz* (medium) Sprocket* (heavy)

unlocking criteria

Natasha Win 1st Place in 50cc Special Cup
Liz Win 1st Place in 50cc Lightning Cup
Aziz Win 1st Place in 100cc Lightning Cup
Sprocket Win 1st Place in Mirror Special Cup


Cheri: Red Bear Buggy

       Standard CH

      Speedliner (unlockable)

Cupcake: Pink Bear Buggy

            Standard CU

            Old 50'c Car (unlockable)

Cally: Acorn Kart

      Standard CA

      Squirrel Kart (unlockable)

Ozzie: Pine Tree Kart

      Standard OZ

      Koala Tank (unlockable)

Vanessa: Kitsune Car

           Standard VA

           Lightning McQueen (unlockable)

Louie: Banana Kart

       Standard LO

      Louie Buster 4000 (unlockable)

Claude: Rabbit Brute

         Standard CL

         Rancid Rabbit (unlockable)

Spike: Rhino Truck

       Standard SPI

       Dry Skulled Bomber (unlockable)

Natasha: Robo-Bradley

           Standard NA

           Bathtub Kart (unlockable)

Liz: Gator 5000

  Standard LI

  Wobbletruck (unlockable)

Aziz: Safari Car

    Standard AZ

    Beast Car (unlockable)

Sprocket: Sprocket's Legs

            Standard SPR

            Sprocket Machine (unlockable)


There are 17 items in the game!

Banana Triple Bananas Green Shell Triple Green Shells Red Shell Triple Red Shells
Blue Shell Mushroom Triple Mushrooms Golden Mushroom Star Lightning
Fake Item Box Bob-Omb Blooper (NEW) Bullet Bill (NEW) Invisible Coat


There are 32 tracks in total, 16 new and 16 retro!


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Cupcake's Crazy 8's Circuit City Folk Truckin Mountain Beagle Plains
Vanessa Falls Hot Desert Louie Pass Magma Beach
Moon Road Toy Factory Cally Circuit Spike's Castle
Islander's Island Electric Mansion Aziz Stadium Rainbow Road


Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
SNES Cheri Circuit 1 SNES Flower Meadows 1 SNES Ghost Bridge 2 SNES Dry Desert 2
N64 Animal Farm N64 Snow Land N64 Sweet Mountain N64 Paranoid Cave
GBA Animal Beach GBA Spike Castle 2 GBA Cally Circuit GBA Garden Cruise
GCN Amusement Park GCN Blathers Museum GCN Culver City GCN Alfonso Circuit

Battle Stages

Gracie Grace Animal Island Ozzie's School
Nintendo DS N64 Color City GCN Dark Sewers


Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

Mission 7 (After you get stars on Missions 1-6)

Mission 8 (After you get a star or more stars on Mission 7)

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