Animal Kart Racing Advance
Developer(s) GoldCoin Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Gameboy Advance
Genre(s) Racing

Here, this is the 3rd game for the Animal Kart Racing series. It's the first game appeared for the handheld console! The gameplay is simular to Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The coins return! It should feature 20 new courses, and all the courses from Animal Kart Racing (SNES) return as extra tracks!


Banana Green Shell Red Shell Triple Green Shells Triple Red Shells Blue Shell
Mushroom Triple Mushrooms Star Lightning Invisible Coat Coin


There are 8 characters in the game, they appear as same characters from Animal Kart Racing 64.


Speed: 5      Weight: 1


Speed: 5      Weight: 1


Speed: 4      Weight: 2


Speed: 3      Weight: 3


Speed: 2      Weight: 4


Speed: 1      Weight: 5


Speed: 3      Weight: 3


Speed: 2      Weight: 4


There are 20 new courses and 20 extra courses, 40 total! 

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Lightning Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Cheri Circuit Cupcake Circuit Cally Circuit Dinosaur Park Acorn Flats
Rain Jungle Sky Bridge Pirate Island Toy Dream Quicksand Desert
Animal Beach Snowman Land Sweet Dream Garden Cruise Spike Castle 4
Spike Castle 1 Spike Castle 2 Ghost Valley Spike Castle 3 Rainbow Road

Extra Tracks

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Lightning Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Cheri Circuit 1 Cheri Circuit 2 Rhino Castle 2 Ghost Bridge 2 Dry Desert 2
Flower Meadows 1 Dry Desert 1 Cheri Circuit 3 Rhino Castle 3 Snow Land 2
Animal Island 1 Ghost Bridge 1 Snow Land 1 Cheri Circuit 4 Ghost Bridge 3
Rhino Castle 1 Flower Meadows 2 Animal Island 2 Flower Meadows 3 Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4