Animal Kart Racing 64
Developer(s) Goldcoin Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Genre(s) Racing

This is the 2nd game of the Animal Kart Racing series. It should play simular to the Mario Kart 64. The coins are removed in the game, and it has new features with you could do a speed boost and mini-boosts.


Banana Triple Bananas Green Shell Triple Green Shells Red Shell Triple Red Shells Blue Shell
Mushroom Triple Mushrooms Golden Mushroom Star Lightning Fake Item Box Invisible Coat



Player Select Screen.

There are 8 characters, shown in the image!

In this version, there is 1 new playable character, it means Natasha gets replaced by Cally!

Cheri (light)

Cupcake (light)

Cally (light)

Vanessa (heavy)

Ozzie (medium)

Claude (medium)

Spike (heavy)

Louie (heavy)


There are 16 Race Courses and 4 Battle Courses in the game!

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Cheri Raceway Snow Land Desert Station Blizzard Summit
Animal Farm Cupcake Raceway Broken Pier Claude Stadium
Ozzie Beach Sweet Mountain Cally Raceway Paranoid Cave
River Jungle Culver Freeway Spike's Castle Rainbow Road

Battle Courses:

Animal Playground

Color City

Animal Town

Nintendo 64

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