Animal Crossing NX
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo NX
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Life simulation
Media Included Unknown

Animal Crossing NX (working title) is an upcoming Animal Crossing game. The game retains most of the gameplay from previous games, while also introducing new elements.

Gameplay and features

Before the start of the game, the player is able to choose their complexion and eye colour. These can later be changed in the Beauty Salon once unlocked. Players can also automatically tan by being outside a lot in summer months. The player may also choose their gender, although it cannot be changed later on.

A food meter is introduced which affects the player's luck. Eating different types of food will increase the player's luck. Each animal now also has a favourite type of food.

The closet inventory has been largely increased from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and can now automatically be ordered on type. A tool inventory is also introduced for when the player is outside, where all types of tools can stored, preventing them from taking up space in the regular inventory window.

Much like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player takes on the role as the town mayor, while Isabelle is their assistant. Digby now appears as an assistant as well. Town ordinances remain the same. Players can also build public work projects again, which will be hosted by Lloyd. Players can have Lloyd put messages on the bulletin board about the public work projects to encourage the town's villagers to invest their Bells in the project. The town will now have a total of 16 villagers at most, although the final villager can only move in through the camping site. Additionally, players may select 16 areas in their town that will be used for villager houses, if wished; if these locations are not set, villagers will move in randomly. Players can also set up multiple ordinances at once.

A new area to either the east or west of the player's town (depending on where the sea is) is a forest where the player may find many different types of insects to catch. The river also flows through the forest. At the end of the forest, the player may grow vegetables. Fruit-bearing trees fail to grow in the forest.

Grass deterioration has been removed from the game in a sense. Grass will not disappear by walking; however, placing objects such as homes or patterns will eventually result in grass deterioration. If these are removed, the grass can be regrown by Leif if wanted.


Fishing, bug catching, diving, and gardening return. Different types of fish, insects, and flowers have been introduced as well. Additionally, a new activity is gathering rocks, these can be found in the river. The player can buy rain boots at Kicks Shoes to be able to walk in the river or the pond and press AButton to pick one up. The crystals that were previously available by rock smashing are now available by searching for rocks as well. The rocks can be used to create furniture in the art store, or they can be sold, as the rare rocks are worth many Bells.

Fishing remains similar to previous games. All of the fish from Animal Crossing: New Leaf reappear, as well as the giant catfish and the jellyfish, which were absent in the game. A small amount of new fish has also been added. Additionally, while fishing, players may sometimes find Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, or Fishbones from the Super Mario series. These cannot be donated to the museum, but they can be used as furniture, and are worth a large amount of bells.

Bug ctaching remains similar to previous games as well. All of the bugs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf reappear, with the exception of the hermit crab. New bugs were also added, albeit only five.

Flora and fruit

New types of plants have been introduced; new types of fruit can also grow on shrubs rather than solely on trees now. In addition to apples, cherries, pears, peaches, and oranges, lemons can now also be the native fruit in a town. Because of this, perfect limes and rotten limes are also introduced. Any other type of fruit does not have perfect or rotten varieties, and they cannot be native to a town, and must therefore be collected at the island.

New fruits are:

  • Apricots (grow on regular trees)
  • Carambolas (grow on regular trees)
  • Limes (grow on regular trees)
  • Pomegrenates (grow on regular trees)
  • Dragonfruit (grows on palm trees)
  • Strawberries (grow on shrubs)
  • Raspberries (grow on shrubs)
  • Blackberries (grow on shrubs)
  • Blueberries (grow on shrubs)
  • Grapes (grow on vines, can be planted on the top of a cliff and will grow downward along the cliff)


Players may now also take jobs at various stores and facilities around the town. This will involve small minigames, and the player will receive Bells at the end, the amount depending on how well the job was done. Working at the Roost can also still be done, and the player will be paid in coffee beans, as in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The City

Much like in Animal Crossing: City Folk, there is an area near the town known as ‘the city’, where the player can go to shops. Some shops stay open later than in previous games. The player can change some things in terms of design in the city, as the mayor.

  • Tom Nook hosts Nook's Homes, where the player rents their house. After the player has upgraded their house once, they unlock the ability to set certain areas of the town as locations where new villagers are not allowed to place their house, effectively preventing them from moving in on unwanted spots. The player may also purchase different appearances for the outside of their home.
  • Timmy and Tommy host The Nooklings, a shop for general items like furniture and basic tools. The store grows larger as the player progresses in the game.
  • Able Sisters is the clothing store run by Mabel, Sable and Labelle. Mabel helps the player with buying clothes, Sable will create patterns, while Labelle sells accessories. It will be upgraded later on to become slightly larger.
    • GracieGrace will be unlocked after the player buys enough clothes, and will be a second floor above the regular Able Sisters store. It can only be unlocked after the player does 3 successful fashion checks, as in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • Leif runs the Garden Shop, a small store where the player may buy items related to gardening, such as saplings, mulch, or axes, shovels, and watering cans. Leif can also be paid to remove the weeds from the town.
  • The Beauty Salon is run by Harriet. She can change the player's haircut and colour, and, once unlocked, she can sell coloured contacts to change the player's eye colour, as well as some types of make-up that can be worn by the player to change their appearance slightly.
  • Luna runs the Dream Suite, where the player may upload their town to Nintendo Network enabling other players to visit the town once they go online.
  • Re-Tail is run by Reese and Cyrus; Reese runs the flea market while Cyrus can change the appearance of furniture to change the colours and the like.
  • Kicks Shoes is run by Kicks. The player may buy shoes and socks here.
  • The Post Office is a building where the player may send messages to the villagers in their town. Pete, Pelly and Phyllis work here.
  • The Museum is divided into six parts; the fossil exhibit, the bug exhibit, the sea exhibit, the art exhibit, the rock exhibit, and the observatory. Every exhibit is on a different floor, and an elevator gives access to them all. The player can put a custom painting on display by bribing Celeste with food.

The game also introduces some completely new buildings in the shopping district;

  • Lyle and Lottie host Happy Homes, a shop where the player's home can be rated by Lyle based on the interior. The player can ask Lottie to go to a villager's house and ‘redesign’ it, returning it to its original state.
  • Wendell runs the Bakery. Here, the player can bake various types of food using fish, fruit or other ingredients that can be bought here. Recipes will be stored in the encyclopaedia.
    • Artiz is run by Maro, a new squid character. He can make patterns into masks, glasses and other types of accessories. He can also craft furniture out of a large amount of rocks. Players get to design their furniture by themselves here. It will be located on a second floor to the Bakery once the player has 20 different recipes.

The Island

As in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the player can ask Kapp’n to take them to the island, a faraway place where the player can play minigames, catch rare fish or bugs, buy items, and find indigenous fruit and other kinds of plants. Many of the minigames will take the player to a randomly generated, minimalistic town, where the player will have to play the minigame.

  • Fishing is a common minigame type, and takes place on a relatively small island. Fishing challenges typically ask for the player to catch as much as possible of a certain kind of fish, or a certain group of fish. Some minigames require the player to catch as much as possible in terms of how much Bells the fish are worth.
  • Bug catching is also a common type, it is the same as fishing minigames, except the player must catch bugs instead.
  • Planting minigames require the player to gather flowers around the town and arrange them in certain ways.
  • In toy hammer minigames, the player must hit specific things as much as possible within the time limit.
  • Hide and seek minigames require the player to find the hiding villagers of the randomly generated town. This works the same as in previous games, and they cannot hide indoors.
  • Trading minigames require the player to find certain items belonging to villagers, and give them back to their real owners. However, every villager can onl give their item if they are traded something back in return.


The game introduces four new villager species, being bats, sea lions, opossums, and lizards, as well as two new personality types, being nerdy for female villagers and curious for male ones. The game also includes female lions for the first time; they appear as regular lions without manes.

Name Personality Gender
Alfonso Lazy Male
Alli Snooty Female
Boots Jock Male
Del Cranky Male
Drago Lazy Male
Gayle Normal Female
Sharn* Curious Male
Sly Jock Male
Name Personality Gender
Anabelle Peppy Female
Antonio Jock Male
Cyrano Cranky Male
Lulu Peppy Female
Nosegay Normal Female
Olaf Smug Male
Pango Peppy Female
Zoe Normal Female
Name Personality Gender
Betsy* Nerdy Female
Corona* Snooty Female
Draco* Smug Male
Geraldine* Uchi Female
Harmen* Cranky Male
Kress* Jock Male
Lana* Normal Female
Larrick* Lazy Male
Vell* Smug Male
Name Personality Gender
Beardo Smug Male
Charlise Uchi Female
Chow Curious* Male
Curt Cranky Male
Dozer Lazy Male
Groucho Cranky Male
Henriette* Nerdy Female
Nate Lazy Male
Pinky Peppy Female
Teddy Jock Male
Tutu Peppy Female
Ursala Snooty Female
Yan* Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Ace Jock Male
Anchovy Lazy Male
Flash Curious* Male
Jacques Smug Male
Jay Jock Male
Lucha Smug Male
Rosa* Uchi* Female
Midge Normal Female
Piper Peppy Female
Glacia* Nerdy Female
Robin Snooty Female
Sparro Jock Male
Twiggy Peppy Female
Name Personality Gender
Angus Cranky Male
Coach Jock Male
Tomason* Smug Male
Rodeo Lazy Male
T-Bone Lazy* Male
Name Personality Gender
Ankha Snooty Female
Bob Lazy Male
Felyne Lazy Male
Kabuki Curious* Male
Kid Cat Jock Male
Kiki Normal Female
Kitty Snooty Female
Mitzi Normal Female
Moe Lazy Male
Monique Snooty Female
Patrick* Smug Male
Punchy Lazy Male
Purrl Nerdy* Female
Rosie Peppy Female
Tabby Peppy Female
Tangy Peppy Female
Tom Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Ava Normal Female
Becky Snooty Female
Benedict Lazy Male
Betty Uchi* Female
Broffina Snooty Female
Egbert Lazy Male
Goose Jock Male
Ken Smug Male
Knox Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Bessie Normal Female
Naomi Snooty Female
Patty Peppy Female
Petunia Uchi* Female
Tipper Snooty Female
Name Personality Gender
Anastacia* Snooty Female
Bluebear Peppy Female
Cheri Peppy Female
Chester Curious* Male
Feran* Curious Male
Gerry* Smug Male
June Normal Female
Kody Jock Male
Maple Normal Female
Murphy Cranky Male
Pekoe Normal Female
Poko Jock Male
Poncho Jock Male
Pudge Lazy Male
Stitches Lazy Male
Tammy Uchi Female
Vladimir Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Bam Jock Male
Beau Lazy Male
Bruce Cranky Male
Daphna* Nerdy Female
Deirdre Uchi Female
Diana Snooty Female
Erik Lazy Male
Fauna Normal Female
Lopez Smug Male
Sapphire* Nerdy Female
Zell Smug Male
Name Personality Gender
Biskit Lazy Male
Bones Lazy Male
Butch Cranky Male
Cherry Uchi Female
Cookie Peppy Female
Daisy Normal Female
Goldie Normal Female
Lucky Lazy Male
Maddie Peppy Female
Portia Snooty Female
Shep Smug Male
Walker Lazy Male
Name Personality Gender
Bill Jock Male
Deena Normal Female
Derwin Smug* Male
Drake Lazy Male
Freckles Nerdy* Female
Gloria Snooty Female
Joey Lazy Male
Ketchup Peppy Female
Maelle Snooty Female
Mallary Uchi* Female
Molly Normal Female
Pate Peppy Female
Pompom Peppy Female
Prans* Smug Male
Weber Curious* Male
Name Personality Gender
Amelia Snooty Female
Apollo Cranky Male
Celia Normal Female
Frank Cranky Male
Keaton Smug Male
Pierce Jock Male
Richa* Nerdy Female
Name Personality Gender
Axel Jock Male
Big Top Lazy Male
Dizzy Lazy Male
Ellie Normal Female
Eloise Snooty Female
Margie Normal Female
Opal Snooty Female
Paolo Lazy Male
Texon* Smug Male
Tia Normal Female
Tucker Lazy Male
Name Personality Gender
Camofrog Cranky Male
Cousteau Smug* Male
Diva Uchi Female
Drift Jock Male
Emerald Nerdy* Female
Frieda* Snooty Female
Frobert Jock Male
Gigi Snooty Female
Henry Smug Male
Jambette Normal Female
Jeremiah Lazy Male
Lily Normal Female
Puddles Peppy Female
Ribbot Jock Male
Sunny Nerdy* Female
Wart Jr. Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Billy Jock Male
Chevre Normal Female
Gruff Cranky Male
Kidd Smug Male
Nan Normal Female
Pashmina Uchi Female
Sven Lazy Male
Velma Nerdy* Female
Name Personality Gender
Boone Curious* Male
Cesar Cranky Male
Hans Smug Male
Jane Uchi* Female
Louie Jock Male
Peewee Cranky Male
Rocket Uchi Female
Violet Snooty Female
Name Personality Gender
Apple Peppy Female
Clay Lazy Male
Famke* Nerdy Female
Flurry Normal Female
Graham Smug Male
Hamlet Jock Male
Hamphrey Cranky Male
Soleil Snooty Female
Viola* Uchi Female
Name Personality Gender
Bertha Normal Female
Biff Jock Male
Harry Cranky Male
Hippeux Smug Male
Jiva* Uchi Female
Rocco Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Annalise Snooty Female
Buck Jock Male
Colton Smug Male
Ed Smug Male
Elmer Lazy Male
Filly Normal Female
Julian Smug Male
Peaches Normal Female
Roscoe Curious* Male
Savannah Nerdy* Female
Victoria Peppy Female
Winnie Peppy Female
Name Personality Gender
Astrid Snooty Female
Carrie Normal Female
Kitt Normal Female
Marcie Normal Female
Mathilda Snooty Female
Rooney Curious* Male
Sylvia Uchi Female
Walt Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Canberra Uchi Female
Faith Uchi* Female
Lyman Jock Male
Melba Normal Male
Ozzie Lazy Male
Sydney Normal Female
Torch* Curious Male
Yuka Snooty Female
Name Personality Gender
Aziz Jock Male
Bud Jock Male
Franka* Normal Female
Lionel Smug Male
Min* Snooty Female
Rex Lazy Male
Rory Jock Male
Name Personality Gender
Dino* Lazy Male
Eleon* Cranky Male
Franciska* Normal Female
Gamze* Nerdy Female
Quetz* Smug Male
Sander* Curious Male
Name Personality Gender
Champ Jock Male
Deli Curious* Male
Elise Snooty Female
Monty Cranky Male
Nana Normal Female
Noushka* Nerdy Female
Shari Uchi Female
Simon Lazy Male
Tammi Peppy Female
Name Personality Gender
Bella Peppy Female
Bettina Uchi* Female
Bree Snooty Female
Broccolo Lazy Male
Chadder Smug Male
Chico Lazy Male
Dora Normal Female
Greta Snooty Female
Rizzo Cranky Male
Rod Jock Male
Samson Jock Male
Name Personality Gender
Annke* Snooty Female
Marina Normal Female
Octavian Cranky Male
Zucker Lazy Male
Name Personality Gender
Chanou* Uchi Female
Claus* Lazy Male
Floryse* Snooty Female
Gabi* Peppy Female
Possum* Curious Male
Quory* Jock Male
Rapster* Peppy Female
Tango* Smug Male
Name Personality Gender
Blanche Snooty Female
Cranston Lazy Male
Flora Peppy Female
Gladys Normal Female
Peterson* Curious Male
Phil Smug Male
Phoebe Uchi Female
Queenie Snooty Female
Sprocket Jock Female
Name Personality Gender
Aurora Normal Female
Cube Lazy Male
Flo Uchi Female
Friga Snooty Female
Gwen Snooty Female
Hopper Cranky Male
PJ Lazy Male
Puck Lazy Male
Roald Jock Male
Sprinkle Peppy Female
Tex Smug Male
Name Personality Gender
Agnes Uchi Female
Chops Smug Male
Cobb Jock Male
Crackle Lazy Male
Gala Normal Pig
Gino* Smug Male
Hambo Jock Male
Hugh Lazy Male
Kevin Jock Male
Lucy Normal Female
Pancetti Snooty Female
Peggy Nerdy* Female
Rasher Cranky Male
Truffles Peppy Female
Name Personality Gender
Bunnie Peppy Female
Carmen Peppy Female
Chrissy Peppy Female
Claude Lazy Male
Coco Normal Female
Cole Lazy Male
Doc Lazy Male
Dotty Peppy Female
Francine Snooty Female
Gaston Cranky Male
Genji Curious* Male
Mira Uchi Female
O'Hare Smug Male
Pippy Peppy Female
Snake Curious* Male
Tiffany Snooty Female
Name Personality Gender
Anton* Smug Male
Merengue Normal Female
Renée Uchi Female
Rhonda Normal Female
Tank Jock Male
Sea lions
Name Personality Gender
Alba* Normal Female
Jule* Curious Male
Larkey* Smug Male
Ross* Jock Male
Sandrine* Snooty Female
Verana* Uchi Female
Xee* Smug Male
Name Personality Gender
Baabara Snooty Female
Curlos Smug Male
Eunice Normal Female
Muffy Uchi Female
Pietro Smug Male
Vesta Normal Female
Wendy Peppy Female
Willow Peppy Female
Name Personality Gender
Agent S Peppy Female
Blaire Snooty Female
Caroline Normal Female
Filbert Lazy Male
Hazel Uchi Female
Marshal Smug Male
Mint Snooty Female
Nibbles Peppy Female
Peanut Peppy Female
Pecan Snooty Female
Ricky Cranky Male
Sheldon Jock Male
Static Cranky Male
Name Personality Gender
Bangle Peppy Female
Bianca Peppy Female
Claudia Snooty Female
Leonardo Jock Male
Rolf Cranky Male
Rowan Jock Male
Name Personality Gender
Chief Cranky Male
Fang Cranky Male
Freya Snooty Female
Kyle Smug Male
Lobo Cranky Male
Skye Normal Female
Vanessa Uchi* Female
Whitney Snooty Female
Wolfgang Cranky Male



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