Box art of the Deluxe Pack, which includes various extra items

Animal Crossing - Mall Mania is the 6th game in the Animal Crossing franchise (8th in Japan), and the second to appear on Wii U.

New and Returning Features

The game retains some classic features of past Animal Crossing games (fishing, bug catching, collecting fruit and Bells, etc.), but many new ones are added as well. Some of these include:

  • The roster of starting animal Villagers has been evened out to always contain at least one cat, one dog, one duck, and one rabbit
  • Isabelle is now the town mayor instead of the player and/or Tortimer
  • New bugs, fish, furniture, clothes, and fruit are available
  • Timmy and Tommy run two different stores, Timmy's Toys (a store that sells toys) and Tommy's Treasure (a Goodwill-like store that sells "used" items); both are upgradable
  • The Museum can now collect "artifacts", like pottery and sewn patterns
  • Copper and Booker now operate a Jail, in which you can see criminals locked up who can talk to you through the bars, and possibly even convince them to be set free (which is the only way to get paintings); these include Crazy Redd along with some random "jock" Villagers
  • The Post Office is ususlly run by Pelly only in this game, but sometimes Pelly has "sick days" in which she is replaced by Phyllis.

The biggest new feature is the Mall, which is located towards the top of the player's town. Inside the 2 story mall is:

  • Able Sisters (same as AC: New Leaf but with more clothes)
  • Kicks (same as AC: New Leaf but with more shoes and socks)
  • GracieGrace (same as AC: City Folk but Gracie herself runs it)
  • Theatre (from 8:00 to 11:00 PM; Sunday-Thursday is Dr. Shrunk, Friday is Dr. Frillard, Saturday is K.K. Slider)
  • Dream Daze (similar to AC: New Leaf's Dream Suite)
  • Reese's (a candy store featuring Reese (originally from Re-Tail))
  • Polished 'N Perfect (store owned by Cyrus (from Re-Tail) in which he can change furniture patterns, color, etc.)
  • Auction House (similar to AC: City Folk's version)
  • Food Court (located in the middle of the mall; contains The Roost, Soda Shop (owned by Celeste) and Pizza Party! (owned by Rover the Cat))
  • Surf Shop (a store owned by Pascal filled with various items)
  • Fortune Teller (nearly identical to AC: City Folk's version)
  • Shampoodle (similar to AC: New Leaf's Shampoodle but with more hairstyles)
  • Arcade (filled with small minigames; the games dispense tickets, and a prize counter is available filled with items based on Nintendo franchises)

A back room marked "restroom" also appears, but it can't be used by the player. It can, however, be used by Villagers in your town, and you can sometimes see them walking in and out of it.


  • Leif does not seem to appear in the game at all, but textures for him and his Garden Shop can be found in the game's code.

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